fancyHIM celebrates 2 years!

By Yuki Keiser October 2007


1. Tokyo's most cutting-edge electro-party

September 2007 marked two successful years of events for fancyHIM, Tokyo's most cutting-edge electro-party. fancyHIM events were being held in Tokyo from the time back when electro parties were quite the underdog affair. Yet, from the start, fancyHIM has beckoned countless edgy artists from all over the world - such as, Spencer Product, Avenue D, (Beyonce's choreographer) Jonte, Chez Debs, Pyupiru, and DJ Mondo - to its venues proving that it has earned its place ahead of all the rest by giving rise to its own brand of 'fancy people'.


Spencer Product(left) Avenue D(center&right)

While offering events highly sensitive to the pulse and pace of the music scene, fancyHIM delivers its own unique rock-hard style - one that refuses to conform to the norm. This style is exactly what captivates fancy's electro-punk club-goers coming from far and wide to attend the event. Creative folk always swarm the venue, and run the gamut from fashion editors, stylists, artists and more. fancyHIM is increasingly being recognized as THE place to be and international artists such as Jonte have been inundating the club's organizers with requests to perform.

Beyonce's choreographer, Jonte(left&center)

The conceptual richness underlying performances and even the event's website design give visual shape to the unique fresh sensibility of its movers and shakers. Many of fancyHIM's core fans have insisted that what hooked them to the event was its originality - brilliantly shown in its flyers alone.


Always original fashion DJ MONDO

The event is further defined by its hospitality, where fancyBOYS Shizuku and Leo await all guests at the entrance bedecked in a style that tells its own extraordinary story. For their 2nd anniversary, fancyHIM prepared a red carpet, upon which club regulars made their entrance in bewitching and elegant fashion styles.

SHIZUKU(left)&LEO(right)from fancyBOYS

Here, Tokyo Wrestling proudly presents our interview with queer-friendly Belgian/Danish artist Chez Debs - who performed at the November 2006 fancyHIM. Let's now all take a real insider's look at the music and queer scenes of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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