Interview with Jennifer Beals in Japan

By Yuki Keiser February 2008


1. Jennifer visits Nichome!

In conjunction with the promotion of The L Word's DVD release last week, one of the stars of the drama, Jennifer Beals ("Bette"), made an impromptu visit to Japan. Tokyo Wrestling's chief editor was asked to interview Beals for the Japanese media outlet, FOX Life. You can read their (Japanese) interview at

Following the following interview, TW spoke with Beals - who showed great interest in knowing more about lesbians in Japan. We decided to invite her to a hugely popular lesbian bar in Nichome, Kinswomyn.

Over the course of just three days, Beals was interviewed by over 50 members of the press and was generally kept extremely busy. However, eager to meet and show her support for Japanese lesbians, Beals jumped at our offer to introduce her to the lesbian scene. She used some of what little free time she had to join us in Nichome, Tokyo's gay area.

The L Word's Jennifer Beals

On Friday, February 1, Jennifer visited Kinswomyn as a surprise guest and, as you can imagine, the girls there that night looked like deer caught in headlights when she walked in. They couldn't believe their eyes; Bette, the main character from The L Word was standing right there before them!!

As Beals entered the bar, the customers greeted her with cheers. Everybody gradually settled but continued to react giddily as she took her place in the middle of the counter. It wasn't long before the bar picked up again when the theme song for The L Word's Season 2 rocked the room. It was like a dream for the fans of the show there that night.

The L word Jennifer Beals

Jennifer was introduced to the bar owner, who proudly said she'd been a huge fan of the drama since before it became popular in Japan. Former Osaka assembly member Kanako Otsuji and Mami Hagiwara, who wrote the feature about lesbian culture for TV Bros, were also there. Known for her lesbian-friendliness, Beals was excited to learn more about lesbians in Japan. She chatted, signed autographs and posed for photos. Best of all, she signed a poster with her message of support. You can find the poster hanging tenderly on the wall by the bar at Kinswomyn.

★For more info on behind the scenes of her visit, click here and here.

The L word Jennifer Beals

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