by TW editors February 2008

Hottest Lesbians List

1. Hottest Lesbians List

Are you ready for TW's list of the TOP TEN hottest lesbians!?! Our line-up features a hot mix of wildly alluring women - who have each contributed extensively to shaping our present dyke culture!

Right about now, here in Japan, it seems like everywhere you turn some women's magazine or another has a new list of picks for this year's hottest men. Well, TW would now like to take this opportunity to step in and give one big GAY GIFT to all the ladies who've felt like the boy-ogling has left them out in the cold. We will be posting three lists of our hottest of the hot.


These 10 women have been selected from among already out lesbians in the entertainment world. Naturally, there are plenty of other hot women we'd have loved to include in this ranking but, unless they were out, we didn't give them the press. For that reason, though it is UNBEARABLY REGRETTABLE, not a single Japanese entertainer made our list. We will just say (with a wink) right here that we cannot wait for more luscious babes out there to step up and come out - visibility is really the name of the game here, and the first and truest step towards really making the grade!


Here, we will cover the top ten fictional characters - portrayed by women in the movies or TV - who have really revved our engines. Naturally, the actresses portraying these characters must take part of the credit for their allure. Also, when we look at the whole of each character's personality, looks, style, and attitude - what we're really glimpsing is part of what IT is that same-sex loving women are drawn to.


This list was created with a special TW twist for women who don't exactly get excited by the feminine, wily type of woman ...this list was penned just for girls that like their women as boy...ish as possible. Have you noticed the guys out there that - though they may technically be "all man" - still seem to have somehow been 'born butchy'? Well, they are basically the male equivalent to women blessed with that, uh-huh, irresistibly HOT masculine flair (laughs). They are our butches as men. This new genre of HOT LISTs has been tailor-made for the butch-loving women out there, featuring comments by a TW special guest - and butch-lover - manga writer Sachiko Takeuchi!

So, let us begin with List A), The Hottest Lesbians!  Enjoy!

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