The Scoop: Lesbians on J-TV

by Keiko Goto March 2008

lesbian drama

6. Tokyo Love Collection

It wasn't till 2007 that Tokyo Love Collection rustled through our most rued Dark and Gloomy Era like a fresh, light breeze stirring life back into our hearts.

Love Collection

Tokyo Love Collection (2007)

●Screenwriter: Chiho Watanabe
●Featuring: Rina Uchiyama, Mari Hoshino, Rio Matsumoto, Kurume Arisaka, Noriko Aota, Toshinobu Matsuo
●Station: CS Gyao

This is a comedic love story revolving around three young work- and love-oriented women in their 20s. The central character, played by Rina Uchiyama, is turned on to her gay male friend and fails to notice that her roommate (Rio Matsumoto) is being hotly pursued by her boss (Noriko Aota).

In fact, Noriko Aota's driven advances are so interesting that scenes from the show are pretty much the secret handshake for lesbians across the country. Aota's comedic performances are brilliant - her delightful and noble character delivers oddly unforgettable pick-up lines like, "Hey, join me for sauna?" It couldn’t get any better. This show is pleasingly contemporary with a terrific gay couple in leading roles, and a hip gay bar to boot. And, to top it all off, it has a happy ending for once!

Lesbian-themed dramas are slowly changing. It's not uncommon for Japanese television to take hints from dramas popular in the US and other foreign countries (much like how The X-Files became the inspiration for Keizoku, ER became the model for Kyumei Byoto 24-ji, and Sex and the City spawned Tokyo Michika).

Now that we've had a taste of Last Friends... and The L Word is on the tip of everybody's tongues, we've got a lot to look forward to!

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translated by rayna