Fashion & Dyke Icon Jenny Shimizu 【Modeling Years】

By Yuki Keiser April 2008

Jenny Shimizu

1.Icon to the fashion and dyke scenes

The waif look, as popularized by supermodel Kate Moss, was on the rise in the early 1990s. As the word "waif" itself suggested, a wry subversion of fashion and beauty in their orthodox forms was taking place - and it ultimately opened doors for models that broke the mold.

New to the scene at the time was the brazenly nonconformist Jenny Shimizu. In the fashion world where a majority of all models are feminine, white women, Shimizu stood out - both as an Asian as well as for her provocatively androgynous & flirtingly butch look. Her entry into the fashion world as an out lesbian from day one inspired a sensation. Shimizu was instantly pushed to the front lines of the fashion world, became a hot commodity for runway shows, and was sought after by the biggest names in design, such as Gucci and Versace. And, at the same time, she rapidly became a beloved icon within the American dyke scene for her sexy allure and confident dyke aura.

Jenny Shimizu
※The ad that started the sensation - Jenny Shimizu modeling for Calvin Klein

Shimizu walked away from her career as a model after working in New York for 4 years. She immediately returned to LA and her original passion - cars and motorcycles, while also pursuing more work in acting. Currently she appears in the American TV drama Dante’s Cove and other LGBT productions.

Jenny Shimizu
※From the hit US LGBT drama, Dante's Cove

TW interviewed Jenny Shimizu at The Coffee Shop, a favorite hang-out for punk and alternative dykes in LA, where she shared her thoughts on working as a model, Kate Moss, her rumored relationships, and her latest in life and love. We have divided the interview into two articles, and here we would like to begin with - her modeling years!

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