Lesbian Roles in Film

Column by Keiko Goto May 2008

lesbian roles

2. Naomi Watts

■Naomi Watts: "Mulholland Dr."

Naomi Watts Mulholland Dr.

Watts moved to Australia at age 14 and made a beeline for a career in acting by attending several acting schools. Early on, she struggled to get by - and even went to Japan for a brief stint as a model. She started with work in TV and commercials and made her way to small parts in underground and B movies.

Then Watts was cast in the film "Mulholland Dr", the 2001 movie by director David Lynch - famed for "Blue Velvet" and "Twin Peaks". She received a number of awards, including the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actress, and rocketed to fame.

In the film, Watts plays an aspiring actress who comes to Hollywood and falls for an amnesiac that she chances to meet. Like all other Lynch productions, "Mulholland Dr." is a complex film in which Watts unfailingly demonstrates her true thespian strength by faithfully acting two starkly different roles.

Naomi Watts Mulholland Dr

Naomi Watts Mulholland Dr

Naomi Watts has been close friends with Nicole Kidman ever since the two were in Sydney together working to break into the industry. It is rumored that after Kidman first found her way into fame, she told Watts, "Just one movie can change your life...You can't give up!" Indeed, "Mulholland Dr" proved to be that movie.

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