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竹内佐千子待望の新作 『男になりタイ!』
Sachiko Takeuchi's newest book!


竹内佐千子待望の新作 『男になりタイ!』~私の彼氏は元オンナ

Manga writer Sachiko Takeuchi's long-awaited new release!:

"Going to Be a Man" - My Boyfriend was a Girl

●著者/竹内佐千子 Author: Sachiko Takeuchi
●出版社/メディアファクトリー  Publisher: Media Factory
●価格/1,155円(税込) Price: 1155 Yen (including taxes)


『ハニー&ハニー』でおなじみの著者が、失恋を乗り越えて(笑)つかんだ新しい恋の行方は!? そしてタイ行きの目的とは何か?


About the Book

Our lesbian hero, Sachiko, and her beloved FtM boyfriend, Kai, head off to Thailand on a mission.
This is Sachiko's first trip outside of Japan, and she's been wracked by uncertainties from even before their departure. But Kai just keeps on with his preparations. The author we came to know and love in Honey & Honey, brings us along with her on a journey beyond love lost into the expansive horizon of her next romantic relationship. And learn why Kai and Sachiko venture off to Thailand in the first place! Follow the extraordinary journey of an extraordinary couple!

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