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「LGBTフィルム上映会 in Hirosaki」
LGBT Film Screening in Hirosaki
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今年7月25日に開催予定の「第4回青森インターナショナルLGBTフィルムフェスティバル」。この映画祭の特別プレイベントとして「LGBTフィルム上映会 in Hirosaki」が6月20日に開催予定。近郊の方はぜひ足を運んでみては!

●第4回青森インターナショナルLGBTフィルムフェスティバル 特別企画 2
『LGBTフィルム上映会 in Hirosaki』
●日時 / 2009年6月20日(土)13:00~15:30 (開場12:30)
●会場 / 弘前大学 文京町キャンパス 人文学部棟 4階視聴覚ルーム
●入場料 / 500円(当日券のみ)。席数に限りがあり、事前予約が可能
●詳細/ LGBTフィルム上映会 in Hirosaki



Tokyo Wrestling 読者の皆様、こんにちは。

毎年何か”プラス1”を入れていきたいと思い、今回初めて青森市以外での特別企画『LGBTフィルム上映会 in Hirosaki』を開催します。会場は弘前大学です。大学での上映会は初めてのことで、今までとはまた違った雰囲気の上映会になるのではと楽しみにしています。





This year's Aomori International LGBT Film Festival will be held on July 25th and, as a special pre-event to pique our interest, organizers will be hosting an LGBT Film Screening in Hirosaki on June 20th. Everyone in the area should definitely drop by!

● Aomori International LGBT Film Festival Special Event:
LGBT Film Screening in Hirosaki
● Date: Saturday, June 20, 2009 1pm - 4:30 pm (Venue opens 12:30)
● Venue: 4th Floor Audio-Visual Room at the Faculty of Humanities on the
Hirosaki University Bunkyo-cho Campus
● Entry: 500 yen. Seats are limited. (Reservations can be made here.)
● For more information see "The LGBT Film Screening in Hirosaki"

●Official Festival site:

★Special message from Aomori International LGBT Film Festival Director Yoko Narita

Hello Tokyo Wrestling readers!

Still quite young, the Aomori International LGBT Film Festival enters its 4th year this year. Each time around we like to add something new, so this year we will be holding our first special film screening outside of Aomori. The venue selected was Hirosaki University. We're really looking forward to this event and the fresh atmosphere we expect to find there since we've never hosted a screening at a university before!

There will be a "tea time" party for guests to share conversation about the films afterwards.

Festival staff is eagerly getting everything in order - we hope to see you in Hirosaki!

★For TW's interview with the director of the Aomori International LGBT Film Festival, follow the link here