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"Everyone Under the Rainbow" Symposium
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ゲストには、今年の東京プライドでTokyo Wrestlingにもビデオメッセージをいただいた、日本で初めて性同一性障害者であることを公表の上で選挙に立候補し当選を果たした上川あやさん。TVドラマ「3年B組金八先生」で女優の上戸彩が演じた性同一性障害者の生徒モデルになった虎井まさ衛さん。そして、レズビアンとバイセクシュアルの女性のためのコミュニティ「LOUD」の代表の大江千束さんと副代表の小川葉子さんが登場。





【主催】東洋英和女学院大学 多様な性とジェンダーを考える「かえでの虹」



The student group Kaede no Niji was formed earlier this year at the Kanagawa campus of Toyo Eiwa Women's University with the aim of exploring diversity in sexuality and gender. On Saturday, October 31st Kaede no Niji will be inviting four very special guests for its first symposium.

The guests are: Setagaya assembly member (and Tokyo Pride Festival attendee) Aya Kamikawa, the first openly transgender candidate to seek elected office in Japan; Masae Torai, transgender activist and model for Aya Ueto’s popular character (Nao Tsurumoto, a young student struggling with Gender Identity Disorder) in the Japanese drama “3-Nen B-gumi Kinpachi Sensei”; as well as Chizuka Oe and Yoko Ogawa from the LOUD Community Space for Lesbian and Bisexual Women.

Guests will discuss their own experiences living in a society where gender is highly polarized and living true to oneself becomes a challenge. Discussion will focus on “School, Love, and Society”.

Everyone is welcome to attend this, Kaede no Niji’s first, event!

Everyone Under the Rainbow: Lesbian and trans people speak
Date: Saturday, October 31 1:00-2:30pm
※A one-hour exchange is also scheduled to be held after the event

Venue: Toyo Eiwa Women's University, Building 5 Room 5102
(To get to the University, ride the Tokyu Den-entoshi Line to Aoba-Dai Station or the JR Yokohama Line to Toka-Ichiba Station and take the bus. More information can be found on the University website.)

Sponsored by: Toyo Eiwa Women's University, Kaede no Niji: Thinking of Diversity in Sex and Gender

Kaede no Niji homepage: (Japanese)
Toyo Eiwa Women's University homepage: (Japanese & English)