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12/11(金)GFサロン最終回@Las Chicas
Last Gold Finger Salon at Las Chicas
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GF緊急NEWS!! ガールフレンドのお姉さんイベント【ゴールドフィンガーサロン】が、次回の12/11(金)開催をもって、更なる飛躍のため、しばし充電冬眠期間に入る予定。次回絶対に行くべし!!

●12/11 Fri.
5-47-6 JINGUMAE SHIBUYA-KU TOKYO ℡ 03-3407-5028
●OPEN 21:30 / 2,800yen.w/1D w/flyer 2,500yen. w/1D before 23:30

※ご入場は23歳以上の女性限定。新宿2丁目で最終土曜日に開催中の<GIRL FRIEND>のお姉さんイベント。
*DJもVJもスタッフもバーテンダーも女性のみ!! ご入場も女性ONLY!


TOKYOの夜遊びを楽しむ大人の女性のためにスタートし、ワンランク上の夜を知り尽くした著名人も数多くご来場いただき、好評をいただきました。大丈夫! 最終回といってもなくなる訳ではありません。来年以降再スタートする更にランクアップした【GFサロン】をドキドキしながら企み中です! お楽しみに!!

About<GOLD FINGER>・・・日本初にして最大のWOMEN ONLYナイト!
姉妹イベント=GIRL FRIEND by GOLD FINGER 毎月最終(土)@バー非常口(新宿2丁目)にて大盛況開催中!



We've got breaking news from Gold Finger!!
Gold Finger Salon, the more mature sister event to Girl Friend, will be temporarily put on hold as it prepares for a breakthrough reopening!! The last scheduled party before the brief hiatus is on Friday, December 11th. Don't miss it!

● Date: Friday, December 11, from 21.30
2,800 yen w/1 drink; w/flyer 2,500 yen w/1 drink before 23.30

● Place: Las Chicas Aoyama B1F “TOKYO SALON”
5-47-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Ph: 03-3407-5028

*Only women 23 years old and over may enter. This event is similar to the Nichome "Girl Friend" party, but for a more mature crowd.
*Women-only event: DJs, VJs, bartenders and staff are women and entry is restricted to women.  
*Photo ID required.

★A message from GOLD FINGER★

The Gold Finger Salon was started as a party for Tokyo women who love the night life and we have welcomed the hottest luminaries through our doors at each ravely reviewed event. We're doing great! This will be our last party for a while, but we are not going anywhere. We will be back with a new and even more exciting Gold Finger Salon in the coming year. We look forward to seeing you there!

About Gold Finger:
Gold Finger is Japan's first and largest women-only party.
With its unique allure and unmatched energy, this event has long captured the hearts of Tokyo's women-loving women. Gold Finger's sister event, Girl Friend, is held on the last Saturday of every month at Bar EXIT Hijoguchi in Shinjuku's Nichome.