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New Japanese resource for LGBT youth


LGBTのユースたちを国や地域を越えてつなぎあうために結成された「日英LGBTユース エクスチェンジ プロジェクト(YEP)」。そのYEPが、日々ひとりで悩んでいるLGBT(かもしれない)ユースたちのために、冊子「子どもと親と教員のためのLGBT入門ガイド」を活動の一環として作成。このガイドは、ユースたちが同じ悩みを分かち合い、世界中に仲間がいることに気づき、最初の小さな一歩を踏み出すチャンスを与えてくれる。





・日英LGBTユース エクスチェンジ プロジェクト(YEP)とは?


The Japan-UK LGBT Youth Exchange Project (YEP) was formed in 2007 to bring together LGBT youth from different countries and regions. This pioneering group just recently released a new Japanese language resource titled, “Kodomo to Oya to Kyoin no Tame no LGBT Nyumon Gaido” (“An Introductory LGBT Guide for Youth, Parents, and Educators”), to help struggling LGBT and questioning youth. The guide is designed to inspire young readers to take their first steps forward by helping them realize other youth around the world share and understand their troubles.

The book is not just for young readers. It also makes great introductory reading for parents, educators, and other individuals who wish to support the LGBT youth who are a part of their lives.

2,500 copies of the guide have already been distributed across Japan to gender equality centers and child welfare NGOs. And now this wonderful Japanese resource is available on the web!!

★"Kodomo to Oya to Kyoin no Tame no LGBT Nyumon Gaido"
("An Introductory LGBT Guide for Youth, Parents, and Educators")

--To download a PDF copy of the (Japanese) book, follow the link here.

【Book Content】

・What is the Japan-UK LGBT Youth Exchange Project (YEP)?
・YEP’s history
・YEP event report
・What is LGBT?
・Conditions facing LGBT youth in Japan
・Looking back to one’s own adolescence
・Case studies: parents and educators
・Relevant resources, films, and websites
・List of LGBT support groups
・List of telephone helplines

★For an English article on the Kick-off of the Japan-UK LGBT Youth Exchange Project, follow the link here.

★YEP's official homepage is here (Japanese).