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"Futari de Ikiru Gijutsu (The Art of Living Together)"





タイトル/二人で生きる技術  幸せになるためのパートナーシップ
価格/ 2,310円(税込)
ISBN978-4-7808-0135-4 C0095


Takashi Otsuka, owner of the established gay hangout Tac’s Knot in Shinjuku's Sanchome, has just written an insightful book* on what it takes to stay together based on his own experiences. As he shares stories of past relationships, Otsuka brings to light his own theory of “Partnerships for Happiness”.

And the book does not limit itself to the topic of partnerships alone. It also contains anecdotes of the deeply-loved Tac’s Knot’s earliest days and even provides glimpses into what it was like to be gay in Japan in the late 1970’s and the subsequent changes in Nichome. TW enthusiastically recommends this book for Japanese readers!

*Available in Japanese only.

【Author profile: Takashi Otsuka】
Takashi Otsuka, part of the much-lauded radio program “Snakeman Show” (late 1970s-early 1980s), served as a trailblazer by communicating information on living affirmatively as a gay person, in a time when positive information was sorely lacking. He opened Tac’s Knot in Shinjuku in 1982 and, in the decades since, countless gay men and women have flocked to the bar for both atmosphere and advice. Otsuka edited the trilogy Gei no Okurimono, Gei no Omochabako, and Gei no Gakuen Tengoku (published by Takarajima-Sha) and wrote Nichome kara Uroko (published by Shoei-Sha). He also translated Derek Jarman’s At Your Own Risk into Japanese (Kiken ha Shouchi: Derekku Jaaman no Igon; published by Uplink, sold through Kawade Shobo Shinsha).

●Title: Futari de Ikiru Gijutsu: Shiawase ni Naru tame no Paatonaashippu*
(The Art of Living Together: Partnerships for Happiness)
*Available in Japanese only
●Author: Takashi Otsuka
●Cover Photo: Eiki Mori
●Price: 2,310 yen (tax incl)
●Publisher: Pot Shuppan
●ISBN: 978-4-7808-0135-4 C0095

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