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2008 Feb 19

And so, as a follow up to my chronicle of what went on behind the scenes during my interview with Jennifer, I'd like to now share more about what happened when we hit the town and went to Nichome.

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First of all, during the interview it seemed to me that Jennifer's encounter with us at TW was the first time she had ever come into contact with lesbians in Japan. As we discussed a number of issues, I felt that she had a drive to learn as much as she could and even her eyes revealed an excitement at being able to use our conversation to develop a picture of queer life in Japan. It was then that she suddenly said, "I've been wanting to go to a Japanese lesbian event." I suggested going to Nichome to reach out to other lesbians in Japan and, sure enough, she agreed!

With the support of FOX, Jennifer was able to use her off-time to head out to the popular lesbian bar KINSWOMYN in Nichome with me the day after the interview. On our way to the bar, she asked me jokingly, "Will you be my bodyguard?" and I promptly answered, "Yes!", even though, ummmm, I'm at least 20 cm shorter than her!

When we reached the door of the bar, Jennifer immediately noticed the "Y" in KINSWOMYN. Later, when she signed an L Word publicity board for the bar, she purposefully wrote "womyn"; her kind attention had everyone floored.

That evening she sat down, relaxed, at the middle of the counter and chatted with women at the bar. At first, the bar was thick with giddiness - many autographs were signed and questions answered all around. But as conversation brought everyone together, the spirit of the bar became increasingly fantastic and fun. KINSWOMYN always has a great atmosphere, but in that moment everyone was moved to see Jennifer - and the feeling was obviously mutual. I felt that the entire bar was one.

Thank you, Jennifer, for making this happen!!




Jennifer's personal message for TW readers:
"For all the gay gals in Tokyo. Rock on with your baaaad selves!"

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2008 Feb 18

At the end of January, fate brought Jennifer Beals and Tokyo Wrestling together. She was in Tokyo briefly as part of a promotional tour for Japan's release of The L Word DVD.
Jennifer, always enthusiastic about connecting with lesbian media, welcomed an interview with TW.

The L word Jennifer Beals
Here she is holding up our TW flyer - Naturally, we hope she'll be checking out the website regularly!  

Jennifer was really beautiful, in every sense of the word; she's perfect for promoting the L word in Japan since she clearly carries such broad appeal, particularly among women both straight and gay.

Though, until recently, The L Word's promotion campaign has been subject to some criticism - notably in blogs - for neglecting to incorporate lesbians in Japan, I found that Jennifer was very focused on reaching out to queer women in Japan!

At the end of the interview, when I asked for her message to lesbians in Japan, she excitedly replied, "No one from the press has asked me for that yet. Thank you for asking!"

After reading interviews with Jennifer in foreign LGBT media, I had always had the impression she was lesbian-friendly - and I was extremely pleased to discover that my impression was right on. When I told her that TW was a lesbian web magazine, she showed great interest.

Not only is she supportive of lesbians, but she's also very aware of the many issues faced by gay women. Moreover, she was quite keen to learn more about the situation of lesbians in Japan.

And, as if my time spent talking with Jennifer wasn't dreamy enough, we were able to meet up again the next day for a trip to Nichome, arranged with the kind help of FOX. However, since that's more of a long story, I'll write more next time!


Links to Jennifer's appearance on Mezamashi TV has popped up on many websites, but if you haven't seen it yet, do so now - because you gotta check it out!

In this clip, the young, female host Ayapan says before watching The L Word clip, "I've really wanted to watch this. I'm sure everyone wants to see it!" However, after being shown a scene with two women kissing, she falters, "The show was much more shocking than I expected. It's so bold... I had no idea...!" It seems that a kiss between two women is still "shocking" in Japan!

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