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2008 May 25

Earlier, we last gave you the latest news on the romantic roads taken by Lindsay Lohan, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jodie Foster. Now, we'd like to share a little on Cynthia Nixon, better known as Miranda in the much talked about "Sex and the City".

Cynthia Nixon ended her 15-year relationship with Danny Mozes, the father of their two children, in 2004. The actress began dating community organizer Christine Marinoni shortly thereafter and their romance has progressed smoothly.

Cynthia Nixon
※A very happy Cynthia Nixon with her girlfriend, Christine Marinoni.

When her romance first came to light, Cynthia openly acknowledged it but still refused to comment much: "My private life is private, but at the same time, I have nothing to hide. So what I will say is that I am very happy."

However, she has just recently begun to discuss her private life more openly and has even granted interviews to several gay magazines. In the May issue of England's top-selling lesbian culture magazine, “DIVA”, she talks endearingly about Marinoni: ”She understands me better than any other man, and considers everything we do is related to our partnership. We eat together, go shopping together, cook together and raise our kids together. I love her because she is who she is."

In her words, Nixon reveals a solid connection with her partner and a depth in their relationship greater than ever before. In recent months, not only has Nixon spoken more frankly about her coming out, but she has also become socially active as a lesbian.

For example, she was there at the 2007 Gay Pride parade in New York enjoying and supporting the event with her partner. (The woman sitting on the sidewalk with the cap on is Nixon - next to her is Marinoni.)

Only a few months back, Nixon publicly shared for the first time the fact that she was engaged in a secret battle with breast cancer in 2006. Now a bold breast cancer survivor, Nixon has since been appointed ambassador for the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the prevention of the breast cancer. Her role in the campaign allows her to speak to all women, but also specifically address lesbians with her important message as well.

Gay women face unique issues when it comes to breast cancer. Since we're not always as focused on birth control and reproductive issues, we tend to often visit the gynecologist's office less often than straight women do. Many times missing those visits means missing the opportunity to have important early detection tests like clinical breast exams and mammograms - which means breast cancer may not be detected at its earliest, most treatable stages. Knowing this we have an even greater responsibility. Learn the facts and take control of your breast health. Visit

TW emphatically applauds Nixon for being such a rock solid advocate,
and continuing to be her own outstanding self!

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2008 May 18

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With summer on its way, we’d like to give you the latest news on the hottest lesbian couple!

Many of you may wonder what has become of that hot couple we featured in TW last summer, i.e. actress Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson, twin sister to fashion designer Charlotte Ronson.

Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson

According to various sources, even amidst quarrels, they are still very much in love with one another. They often travel abroad and have been seen in Paris and Milano. At the Milano Collection, held this February, they were enjoying the Dolce & Gabbana runway together. In fact, an editor for the fashion magazine “Numero Tokyo” just happened to be there. She took a couple photographs and has posted them to her blog. What a celesbian couple they are - to enjoy the show from the first row!

Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson
※Lovebirds Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson abroad.

Though their relationship has not been much publicized here in Japan, just recently it has begun to appear in Japanese magazines, such as in the June and July issues of Japan's first celebrity magazine "Gossip Press".

Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson

The magazine has photographs of the passionate couple and refers to the initial ring, carved with “SR”, adorning Lohan’s third finger. Needless to say, SR has to be Samantha Ronson. TW will keep an eye on this heartening couple!

Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson
※Lohan’s initial ring with initials “SR”, for Samantha Ronson.

And speaking of high-profile lesbian couples, let's not forget actress, Jodie Foster and producer, Cydney Bernard as well as famous comedian, Ellen DeGeneres and actress Portia de Rossi.

There has been talk that Jodie Foster and her partner of 14 years may have broken up. DeGeneres and de Rossi are as madly in love as they've ever been. After same-sex marriages recently became legal in California, the couple was inspired them to announce their plans to marry to the public. (Update: The two had a beautiful ceremony on August 16th.) We at TW are also very happy!! Congratulations!!

GLAAD Media Awards/Ellen Degeneres & Portia de Rossi
※Ellen DeGeneres (right) & partner Portia de Rossi (Photo: GLAAD)

★For our next TW Note on Cynthia Nixon of “Sex and the City” fame, see here.

(On May 15th 2008, the California Supreme Court ruled that the state legislation, which had prohibited same-sex marriage, was discriminatory and also illegal. After Massachusetts, California is now the second state with a law permitting same-sex marriage. Although the court made its ruling this time, there is still some possibility that conservative groups opposed to it will take action to overturn it. )

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CUTIE June/Sachiko Takeuchi

Just a few months ago, manga writer Sachiko Takeuchi of "Honey & Honey" fame appeared in the special "L Culture" issue of TV Bros for a published chat with Tokyo Wrestling. And now, this month, her manga has made news in the popular Japanese teen magazine "Cutie"! (P101-105)

Takeuchi's manga artistry is shown in the article, "Q & A on first experiences, for happier love and sex", easily recognizable due to her original, cute illustrations.

Her best friend Mai - who also appears in "Honey & Honey" and Takeuchi’s latest "An Afternoon's Scandalous Tea Time (Gogo no Harenchi Ti Taimu)" - plays an important role in this manga, as well.

The "Cutie" story centers on an open and erotic conversation that takes place as Takeuchi assails her friend Mai with naïve questions about men from a lesbian viewpoint. Seeing as how the magazine itself is for a general readership, the story tends to focus squarely on a heterosexual perspective, but it is nonetheless full of useful and honest information for straight and bi folks as well. Definitely a must-read!

If you are interested in Sachiko’s own romance or her truly queer-inclined manga, then we recommend checking out, “Going to be a Man” available on the web site Comic Essay Theater! (Available in Japanese only.) 

The manga is updated every Friday, and I've enjoyed keeping up with it myself. Takeuchi's newest adventures in love inspire her to thinking about lesbian topics never touched on in her previous "Honey & Honey" as well as topics on FtMs. As always she gives her readers a little refreshing insight and a lot of humor. The title "Going to be a Man" is based on a diary kept by Takeuchi’s boyfriend, Kai, who goes to Thailand for a sex change operation to physically become a man. This manga is available only on the web site and allows readers to enjoy her work in a brand new way. Check it out!

Sachiko Takeuchi

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2008 May 06

MOTEL #203

Yesterday, Shinjuku Nichome's newest women-only bar, MOTEL #203, had a hit opening party. The bar itself exudes a stylish flavor, setting it apart from most other women's establishments in Nichome.

In fact, MOTEL #203 is the latest creation by Don Chigalliano, the producer of the long-running and notoriously well-known women-only club event, GOLD FINGER.

At the party, I was joined by Mami Hagiwara, the writer of TV Bros's coverage of lesbian culture, and photographer Miwa Tosaki, known for her work on the covers of the now out-of-print lesbian magazine, Anise.

The event was notably filled with industry folks - from singers and fashion designers, to make-up artists and the press. Something tells us this may just be the newest nest for Japan's power dyke generation.


MOTEL #203

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