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CUTIE June/Sachiko Takeuchi

Just a few months ago, manga writer Sachiko Takeuchi of "Honey & Honey" fame appeared in the special "L Culture" issue of TV Bros for a published chat with Tokyo Wrestling. And now, this month, her manga has made news in the popular Japanese teen magazine "Cutie"! (P101-105)

Takeuchi's manga artistry is shown in the article, "Q & A on first experiences, for happier love and sex", easily recognizable due to her original, cute illustrations.

Her best friend Mai - who also appears in "Honey & Honey" and Takeuchi’s latest "An Afternoon's Scandalous Tea Time (Gogo no Harenchi Ti Taimu)" - plays an important role in this manga, as well.

The "Cutie" story centers on an open and erotic conversation that takes place as Takeuchi assails her friend Mai with naïve questions about men from a lesbian viewpoint. Seeing as how the magazine itself is for a general readership, the story tends to focus squarely on a heterosexual perspective, but it is nonetheless full of useful and honest information for straight and bi folks as well. Definitely a must-read!

If you are interested in Sachiko’s own romance or her truly queer-inclined manga, then we recommend checking out, “Going to be a Man” available on the web site Comic Essay Theater! (Available in Japanese only.) 

The manga is updated every Friday, and I've enjoyed keeping up with it myself. Takeuchi's newest adventures in love inspire her to thinking about lesbian topics never touched on in her previous "Honey & Honey" as well as topics on FtMs. As always she gives her readers a little refreshing insight and a lot of humor. The title "Going to be a Man" is based on a diary kept by Takeuchi’s boyfriend, Kai, who goes to Thailand for a sex change operation to physically become a man. This manga is available only on the web site and allows readers to enjoy her work in a brand new way. Check it out!

Sachiko Takeuchi

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