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2008 Jul 21

We know all you honeys made it to the Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival last month. The record number of audiences at screenings this year stand as evidence that hardly a soul missed the event. And, as many people at the venue may have noticed, lesbian artists from around the world were here in Tokyo taking part. TW will be posting interviews with these spunky media movers and shakers, but first - before we post the full-length conversations and video messages - we'll be delivering a brief report right here!

To highlight our interviews held around the TIL&GFF, TW approached Miwa Tosaki - renowned photographer of Japan's lesbian scene (her collected works are published in "Love Voice" (Artone), among others) - asking if she'd like to capture the directors and actresses in a series of photographs. The collaboration not only produced terrific results, it also gave everyone the opportunity for an excellent international exchange on lesbian culture!

The resulting series of artistic prints will be posted along with the interviews. But for now, we'll give you just a taste with a couple snapshots!

★For TW's interview with director Zero Chou, click here.

Drifting Flowers/Director Cast

※Zero Chou (right), director of "Spider Lilies", with the cast of her newest film "Drifting Flowers", Chao Yi-Lan (left) who plays Diego and Selena Fan (center) who plays Jing.

Both of the actresses were so lovely and adorable that they inspired calls of "Kawaii!" from the audience when they made a special appearance on stage at the film festival. This was Chao Yi-Lan's first role as an actress, but it's clear that - judging by the number of Japanese women's hearts she's stolen - they hit the jackpot by casting her!

Also in Japan were Cathy DeBuono and Jill Bennett, star and supporting actress in the American release "Out at the Wedding" - the TIL&GFF's selection for its closing film this year. These two powerful forces from the American lesbian scene spoke as guests in a Q & A after the film showing.

Seeing as how Cathy and Jill are not only out and proud lesbians, but also girlfriends, TW took the opportunity of our interview with them to take them out for a special night on the town in Nichome. As you can see from their portrait below, when it comes to hot couples, Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan have nothing on these two!!

Cathy DeBuono/Jill Bennett

※Of "Coming Out at the Wedding" fame, actresses and girlfriends Cathy DeBuono (left) and Jill Bennett (right) in Nichome.

★For the official Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival homepage, click here.

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2008 Jul 08

★For the latest information on Lohan and Ronson, see TW's article
Do we hear wedding bells?

As one would expect, the most wonderful bit of information came to light on Tanabata - Japan's holiday celebrating star-crossed lovers. According to the British magazine, "The Sun" Lindsay Lohan gave a brief speech this February at her birthday party declaring, "I just wanna live a happy healthy year, continue on the path that I've been on and be with the person I care about. And my family." This appears to be quite a modest coming out statement.

Naturally, "the person I care about" that Lohan is referring to is Samantha Ronson, TW's own pick for our Lesbian Hotlist. Together the two have already endured endless gossip and prying attention regarding their relationship. Now Lohan, who is clearly in love with her current steady paramour, has entered the same gray territory already occupied by Jodie Foster, that is, being out while never really coming out. Let's just call this being out - for the most part.

Even in Japan, talk of the couple has rippled through women's magazines - and just when you thought it may stop there...the couple made print today in the men's sports magazine, "Nikkan Gendai". Along with a photograph of the two kissing taken at the end of May, the magazine excitedly ran the headline "A real, lesbian kiss!" They were so enthused that you'd think they'd discovered the cure for cancer.

Lindsay Lohan

At Disneyland after the birthday party

We here at Tokyo Wrestling wish them all the best in life and love...and love.

※A RoHan fan has uploaded pictures of the two lovebirds at Lohan's birthday party...and to the tune of Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" at that!

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