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2008 Aug 21

On August 20th, just a few days prior to the film's official public release on August 23rd, TW attended the "Sex and the City" Japan Premier. For the complete article - with video, follow the link here!

Patricia Field
※Norika Fujiwara and the eternally sexy and powerful Patricia Field at the "Sex and the City" Japan Premier.

The "Sex and the City" Japan Premier was held in Tokyo's Roppongi Hills Arena. Present at the event were stylist Patricia Field, director Michael Patrick King and a lush assortment of Japan's own celebrities drawn to the affair by their passion for the show.

Misaki Ito and director Michael Patrick King
※Misaki Ito, decked out in the Vivian Westwood wedding dress from the film, along with out gay director Michael Patrick King.

Guests attending all arrived in elaborate outfits in line with the "Love and Pink" dress code, and walked the shocking pink runway to the stage, grabbing fans attention with every step. Rounding out the finale, Patricia Field entered as only she could - glamorously seated in a Swarovski crystal bedecked Mercedes Benz. Afterwards, an exclusive after party was held - bringing some of NY's cool style straight to Tokyo.

Sex and the City Patricia Field
※Patricia Field makes the scene seated in a Swarovski Benz.

Sex and the City Noriko Aota & LEO

※Noriko Aota, a celebrity perfect for the spirit of "Sex and the City", was showered with attention as she appeared surrounded by some of the most notable personalities the Japanese queer scene has to offer.

★For the full-length Sex and the City Japan Premier report with a video message from Patricia Field, follow the link here.

★For more TW coverage on the Sex and the City movie, see here.

●Sex and the City's official homepage (Japanese):

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2008 Aug 12

Sex and the City
(C) MMVlll New Line Productions, Inc.
Sex and the City(tm) is a trademark of Home Box Office,
Inc.All Rights Reserved.

A special press premier for the film "Sex and the City" was held here in Tokyo recently.

Most likely, no one needs an introduction to Sex and the City, the sizzling US drama that came to an end four years ago after 6 extremely popular seasons. Now, at last, in 2008 the sensational drama has made its big screen debut, and it's already been making quite a splash around the world!

As most TW readers know, the lead characters on the show walk a fine line between straight (women) and gay (men), both in terms of personality and conversation. Moreover, links bringing the women intimately into gay culture are found in story lines including Charlotte's crush on a power lesbian and Samantha's involvement with a woman, all the while Carrie and Charlotte's best friends, gay men, carry a steady influence throughout the program.

In particular, the super stylist and pride of New York, Patricia Field, is herself an outstanding example of a power lesbian - which is clearly a source of her unique and edgy stylistic energy.

(★For TW's interview with Rebecca Weinberg, a Sex and the City designer and Patricia Field's ex-partner, see here.)

Sex and the City
※The characters appearing in the film wore over 1000 different outfits. The fashion worn by Carrie during the opening scene is most notably cool - Power dyke fashion doesn't get any better than ties against vests.

Cynthia Nixon, who plays Miranda, has been involved for several years with a same-sex partner. In an interview with "Harper's Bazaar" (page 66 of the August 9, 2008 issue) she talks a little about her relationship and how she has become more open because of it. (For more on her coming out, see here.) In the drama there is an episode where Miranda is mistaken for a lesbian and, in the film as well, similar teasers are in place making exciting viewing for us queers in the crowd.

Jason Lewis, who plays Samantha's love interest and attended the Tokyo event, is also well known for being an outstanding supporter of the LGBT community. In fact, he attended the May 2008 GLAAD Annual Media Awards, a ceremony that celebrates gay-friendly actors and actresses.

And there's so much more.

The only regret we have for the film was the fact that Standford and Anthony, Carrie's and Charlotte's best friends had less presence than we would have liked. However, the zing of queer culture was still palpable in many parts of the film. And, the film itself is great fun for even non-queer folks, or people who have never seen the TV drama as well, so it's definitely worth going out to see!

Sex and the City
※The ever and always close friendship between the leading women is stunning.

★For a full report on the Sex and the City Japan Premier with a video message from Patricia Field, see, here.

●Director: Michael Patrick King
●Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon
●Run Time: 144 minutes
●Showing in theaters across Japan from Saturday, August 23, 2008
●Distribution (Japan): GAGA Communications
●Official (Japanese) Homepage→

(C) MMVlll New Line Productions, Inc. Sex and the City(tm) is a trademark of Home Box Office, Inc.All Rights Reserved.

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2008 Aug 02

As mentioned in our previous TW Note, American actresses Cathy DeBuono and Jill Bennett were here in Tokyo last month to be a part of the Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival's closing session - a showing of their film "Out at the Wedding", in which DeBuono appears in a lead role... and Bennett packs a punch!

Both DeBuono and Bennett are both high-profile actresses, especially within America's lesbian scene. You can find their video blogs posted on the hot mama of all lesbian entertainment sites,, and you can catch Jill Bennett starring with Jenny Shimizu on the hit LGBT horror show, Dante's Cove.

These two stellar actresses are also girlfriends, and currently working on a project together. They have just started to film a video blog introducing gay areas from all over the world...and their first installment may just be Tokyo!!! Upon getting wind of this, TW was thrilled to grab the opportunity to interview them "on location" at the Cocolo Café in Nichome. Afterwards, we had some street portraits taken, and went out to places like the tried-and-true lesbian bar KinsWomyn. 

So, first and foremost, we'll post a video message from Cathy and Jill right here. Also, it won't be long before we post our interview in the Articles section, so be sure to check back!

★Incidentally, CoCoLo Cafe is now offering an L Word-themed cocktail, so fans of the drama may want to go to see what it's all about!

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2008 Aug 01


Though many of you most likely already know, The L Word will reach its end with the final episode of Season 6 - although plans for a spin-off are in the works. For this reason, our queer American media and blogging sisters are abuzz with questions as to WHO will be selected as the central character for the new spin-off series. To say the least, it's a fun and spirited discussion!

Grace Moon, the editor for OurChart - a social networking service set up by The L Word producer/director Ilene Chaiken and run in part with Katherine Moennig and Jennifer Beals - has also posted her own hopes and predictions with regard to the new series. In her posts, Moon has also written about some of the stars’ visits to Tokyo - and introduces Tokyo Wrestling to her readers. Rock!

She wrote a bit about Jennifer Beals' trip to Tokyo in February - including her impromptu visit to KinsWomyn, complete with a photo of the lovely-and-leggy poster Beals signed - and the write-up itself conveys a good sense of Beals’ favorable impression of Japan. →

Also, she mentions Katherine Moennig's voyage east (to the mobs of Narita airport) and covers some of the Premier Fan Conference, attended by TW readers. This shows that fans in America are just as curious about Kate’s time in Japan as anyone else! →

The ever-magnanimous Grace Moon has long shown interest in Japan - from before the days of TW’s start. She's helped out TW’s editor-in-chief during her stays in the US and was there with us at this year’s Dinah Shore Weekend. She was also formerly an editor for the lesbian culture magazine, “Velvet Park”, showing that her roots in disseminating information on the lesbian scene extend way deep. We’d like to thank her for including TW in the OurChart circle, and - by the same token - we encourage our readers to check out and get more involved in OurChart as well!

Here’s to sharing strengths and knowledge through networking!

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