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2008 Aug 21

On August 20th, just a few days prior to the film's official public release on August 23rd, TW attended the "Sex and the City" Japan Premier. For the complete article - with video, follow the link here!

Patricia Field
※Norika Fujiwara and the eternally sexy and powerful Patricia Field at the "Sex and the City" Japan Premier.

The "Sex and the City" Japan Premier was held in Tokyo's Roppongi Hills Arena. Present at the event were stylist Patricia Field, director Michael Patrick King and a lush assortment of Japan's own celebrities drawn to the affair by their passion for the show.

Misaki Ito and director Michael Patrick King
※Misaki Ito, decked out in the Vivian Westwood wedding dress from the film, along with out gay director Michael Patrick King.

Guests attending all arrived in elaborate outfits in line with the "Love and Pink" dress code, and walked the shocking pink runway to the stage, grabbing fans attention with every step. Rounding out the finale, Patricia Field entered as only she could - glamorously seated in a Swarovski crystal bedecked Mercedes Benz. Afterwards, an exclusive after party was held - bringing some of NY's cool style straight to Tokyo.

Sex and the City Patricia Field
※Patricia Field makes the scene seated in a Swarovski Benz.

Sex and the City Noriko Aota & LEO

※Noriko Aota, a celebrity perfect for the spirit of "Sex and the City", was showered with attention as she appeared surrounded by some of the most notable personalities the Japanese queer scene has to offer.

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