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2008 Sept 29


Hello! This is chief editor Yuki again.
I've a little more to report from Europe!

In my last post I mentioned the Out Games to be held next year in Copenhagen. Well, now I'd like to share with you some information on one of Copenhagen's coolest nightspots, a lounge bar & club called Jolene.

Jolene is not an exclusively lesbian venue by any means; it's a mix space where plenty of straight folks also come to hang out. However, seeing as one owner and the booking manager are both queer women, the club itself is extremely queer-friendly and a draw for gay men and women from all around.

The booking manager is DJ Djuna Barnes - Copenhagen's newest rising star - known for her next generation-ly DJ skills and cool the world over. I will go into more detail later with a Copenhagen scene report, but let it suffice to say for now that Denmark has a lot to be proud of in this renowned dyke maestro. DJ Djuna Barnes not only performs at events throughout her own country but she has performed across much of the world, and also has her own column in the Copenhagen newspaper.

★Visit the Jolene and DJ Djuna Barnes Myspace pages here:

I learned about Jolene from three lesbians involved in both Danish and international activism: Minna Grooss- a musician and all-round activist, her girlfriend Katleene, and the communication director for IGLYO (International Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Youth and Student Organization) Nanna Moe.


※From the left: IGLYO communications director Nanna Moe, musician & activist Minna Grooss and her girlfriend Katleene.

Minna Grooss published a book about queer life titled Homo in 2004, which won a literary award for its innovative perspective. She is currently working on a number of projects including a documentary about lesbians - which would be the first ever made in Denmark.

Thanks to the guidance of these three fabulous queer women, I had the most wonderful time in Copenhagen. I'll give you a little bit more to know, later!

★The homepages for IGLYO and Minna Grooss are below: (Danish only)

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2008 Sept 26

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

The word is out. On September 22nd, Lindsay Lohan gave a public nod to the fact that she is involved with Samantha Ronson.

At the time, Samantha Ronson was talking on the phone with DJ Ted Stryker from an LA radio station about a friend, when the phone changed hands. With Lohan on the line, Ted started to pose questions about "your girl" to the film and TV star, before ending the conversation with, “You and Samantha have been going out for how long now? Two years? One year? Five months? Two months?”

Lohan replied with a shy, “A long...a very long time.”

Stryker rounded out the conversation by affirming, “I hope you guys stay together, you’re a very lovely looking couple.”

Tokyo Wrestling also sends our best wishes to the sweet couple in love.

※Audio of the radio program with Ted Stryker and Lindsay Lohan.

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【Just for fun】 Hit 'MORE' for a little video of the two lovebirds↓

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2008 Sept 25

※Denmark's capital, Copenhagen.

Hello, this is your chief editor, Yuki Keiser, reporting.
I made it safely to Europe and am now in Copenhagen!
The temperature is about 12 degrees, clearly colder than Tokyo,
and already I've been exploring the area with the help of a local lesbian.

Today, I interviewed persons responsible for organizing the Outgames in Copenhagen, scheduled for July of next year.

As many of you may know, the Outgames are basically the LGBT Olympics with a cultural fair thrown in. LGBT athletes from around the world come together once every four years in different cities to compete over the course of 10 days. In addition, a number of conferences, art exhibitions and other events are also scheduled to take place before, during, and after the Outgames, meaning that as a whole, the event is being managed as a grand-scale affair with the sponsorship of the city of Copenhagen itself as well as major corporations such as IBM and Scandinavian Airlines. Plans are in place to get 20,000 people involved in the event next year and turn the town all shades of queer.

For my interview, I spoke with the project manager for the cultural program Jane Rowley, an out lesbian and art curator by profession. She shared insider's background on the Outgames, its cultural events, and the scene in Copenhagen in general too. The article and interview will be posted on TW in the near future, so be on the lookout!

※Cultural events director and art curator Jane Rowley at the Outgames office in Copenhagen.

For more information on the World Outgames, see the official website at:

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2008 Sept 20


This may come as a surprise, but TW's chief editor has headed off to Europe!

As many of you may have recognized, a substantial portion of Tokyo Wrestling's international coverage has focused on the United States, partly due to the heavy influence of The L Word in particular. Well, right about now, we intend to take advantage of the chief editor's travels to get some more topics in on the dyke scene in Europe.

For the next few weeks, she'll be filing special reports with us here in the TW notes section, so please don't forget to check in when you can for all the latest.

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2008 Sept 13

CoCoLo cafe

As mentioned our Info section previously, Shinjuku Nichome's own popular CoColo Café is hosting a new L Art Exhibition.

Among the many works of L art at the venue, illustrations by TW's own favorite Sachiko Takeuchi, known for her manga artistry in “Honey and Honey” will be displayed. She also joined a talk panel held on August 9th as part of the month's L art events. Don’t miss your one chance to catch rare works Takeuchi made exclusively for this exhibition - inspired by The L Word in her own way.

In the talk panel held last month, she won adoration from the audience for her open-hearted and humorous conversation. In addition to Takeuchi, Yasuki Saito, editor of the extraordinary Japanese gay blog, Campy!, made the show even more exciting by sweetly incorporating the audience and tickling their fancy with his witty remarks.

Though a little late, we have here for you a video report of the event!

※Thanks to everybody who came to join us!

Featured in TW's Info last month, Ms. Takeuchi just published her latest manga, “Going to be a man! My Boyfriend was a Girl (Japanese only), in August.

Her comics are recognizable by their very attractive and cute illustrative style, along with the candid and amusing messages conveyed through them. Her latest comic contains fresh ad unique sensibility, setting it apart from her previous works, owing in part to its setting - in Thailand. Naturally, like her other comics, this novel is also based on her own experiences. However, it is constructed like a journal - complete with pictures, which makes the reader feel as if they were traveling with the characters. Actually, it puts you in the mood to make a trip of your own to Thailand!

The story in the novel centers on the gruff yet endearing Kai and the more mild Sachiko. The two of them embark on the journey of their lives, inspiring laughter with every read. This book is a must-read.

A special edition of the manga, can be found here at Takeuchi's artist profile on Comic Essay Gekijo. Do check it out!

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