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2008 Sept 13

CoCoLo cafe

As mentioned our Info section previously, Shinjuku Nichome's own popular CoColo Café is hosting a new L Art Exhibition.

Among the many works of L art at the venue, illustrations by TW's own favorite Sachiko Takeuchi, known for her manga artistry in “Honey and Honey” will be displayed. She also joined a talk panel held on August 9th as part of the month's L art events. Don’t miss your one chance to catch rare works Takeuchi made exclusively for this exhibition - inspired by The L Word in her own way.

In the talk panel held last month, she won adoration from the audience for her open-hearted and humorous conversation. In addition to Takeuchi, Yasuki Saito, editor of the extraordinary Japanese gay blog, Campy!, made the show even more exciting by sweetly incorporating the audience and tickling their fancy with his witty remarks.

Though a little late, we have here for you a video report of the event!

※Thanks to everybody who came to join us!

Featured in TW's Info last month, Ms. Takeuchi just published her latest manga, “Going to be a man! My Boyfriend was a Girl (Japanese only), in August.

Her comics are recognizable by their very attractive and cute illustrative style, along with the candid and amusing messages conveyed through them. Her latest comic contains fresh ad unique sensibility, setting it apart from her previous works, owing in part to its setting - in Thailand. Naturally, like her other comics, this novel is also based on her own experiences. However, it is constructed like a journal - complete with pictures, which makes the reader feel as if they were traveling with the characters. Actually, it puts you in the mood to make a trip of your own to Thailand!

The story in the novel centers on the gruff yet endearing Kai and the more mild Sachiko. The two of them embark on the journey of their lives, inspiring laughter with every read. This book is a must-read.

A special edition of the manga, can be found here at Takeuchi's artist profile on Comic Essay Gekijo. Do check it out!

★For more information on Takeuchi and her manga, see MORE below.

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Sachiko Takeuchi Going to be a Man

【About the Manga】
"Going to Be a Man" - My Boyfriend was a Girl

Our lesbian hero, Sachiko, and her beloved FtM boyfriend, Kai, head off to Thailand on a mission.

This is Sachiko's first trip outside of Japan, and she's been wracked by uncertainties from even before their departure. But Kai just keeps on with his preparations. The author we came to know and love in Honey & Honey, brings us along with her on a journey beyond love lost into the expansive horizon of her next romantic relationship. And learn why Kai and Sachiko venture off to Thailand in the first place! Follow the extraordinary journey of an extraordinary couple!

Sachiko Takeuchi: Profile

Native of Tokyo, Japan. Winner of the DaVinci (Literary Review Magazine) Petit-Grand Prize for Comic Essays. Her published collections - Honey & Honey and Honey & Honey Deluxe have gotten wide exposure and solidified her place as a popular manga artist in Japan. Her latest manga Otoko ni Nari-Tai (Going to be a Man) is currently on sale, and the subject of rave reviews.

Official website (Japanese):


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