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2008 Oct 28

ホットレズビアン・ランキング[List B]

Just yesterday we finished posting TW's Hottest Lesbians Hot List B: The Hottest Lesbian Characters in Film and TV. What did you think?

We tried our best to incorporate as much balance as we could, given how strong our own personal passions for certain characters can be!

Who would you have selected for Number One?

...Amy from "If These Walls Could Talk 2" is luscious...but Isabelle from "The Spanish Apartment" is no shabby choice...while Corky from "Bound" would be a dream...or Graham from "But I'm a Cheerleader"... though who could ever walk away from Lucy from "D.E.B.S"!
There are too many women and not enough time!

With all these wonderful characters it really is hard to say who's any better, but the staff here at TW followed our own strict definition of "dyke" and discussed many times over who belonged where on the list (and why). For the most part, our decisions were based on the same guidelines applied in List A - that is, candidates popularly supported within dyke culture itself, and those that show a clear "dyke" lifestyle and attitude, were favored in the ranking.

With that in mind we must confess, there is one character we wish we could have put at Number One. As many of you can guess, that would be Ruka from Last Friends.

As a matter of fact, our article had already been completed by the time that Last Friends began to air, but as we watched the program we couldn't help but think, "It's HER. She's our number one!" It was thrilling to think that our own Japanese hottie would top the heavily non-Japanese chart.

The conviction and passion in Ruka's eyes, her slightly sad expression, the form of her noble and determined figure, her pure kind heart, and her lovely baby face. She's number one! However as the story progressed, it became clearer that her character was grappling with gender dysphoria, and even while we adore her and her gray zone, we were afraid that - in the spirit of the character - Ruka herself may not appreciate being named to this list. Reluctantly, we decided to forgo adding her name.

It's fun, but hard work selecting the top ten - and we know that countless sexy female characters may have been overlooked! That's why, we're working on creating next year's list based on readers' votes. More on that later!

In the meantime, we are accepting votes on this year's list through the TW community on the Mixi SNS website. Members of Mixi can share their votes, and thoughts, with us here.

TW's Mixi Community

Thanks for reading, as always!

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2008 Oct 26

Hello, TW editor Asami here!

ilil just recently held a renewal party at its new store in Naka-Meguro!

ilil first opened this April in Harajuku, and moved later to Naka-Meguro. The renewal celebrated was inspired by the shop's relocation from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor of the same building, right next-door to Cafe-Bar Niche!

ilil was started by Rachel, the buyer for Candy, a used and select shop found in Shinjuku's Nichome.

ilil Renewal Party Rachel
※Rachel (in the left picture)

ilil has come to be known for its unique ability to select the best wares from both international and Japanese designers such as 5PREVIEW and CHEN HU REN, while also attracting patrons with a real sensitivity to style. The party was a roaring success with both queer folk and fashion folk making the scene.

ilil Renewal Party

※fancyBOY Leo and stylist Peri

ilil Renewal Party
※Clea and Peri from Triple Nipples

ilil Renewal Party

ilil is open every Saturday. Definitely make a trip to come check it out!

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2008 Oct 23

Yesterday Charlotte Ronson - one of the most watched young designers in New York today - held a fashion show and after party for her 2009 spring collection here in Tokyo...and TW was there for the report!

Ronson's collection was filled with designs as girlish and cute as ever, but craftily spiked with a little extra tang - making this show her coolest yet. One thing is for sure, there's a lot to look forward to this coming spring!

Also, the invitation for the Tokyo show indicated that a "special guest from Hollywood" would make the scene - a considerable hint leading many to guess that the woman of mystery would be none other than actress and close friend to the Ronson family, Lindsay Lohan - also known for her hot connection to Charlotte Ronson's twin sister Samantha. Sure enough, Lohan was there looking absolutely gorgeous. She had just about everyone in the room transfixed from the moment she hit the runway. Lohan was charming and showered the venue with smiles the whole time.

Charlotte Ronson Lindsay Lohan
※Designer Charlotte Ronson (left) and Lindsay Lohan walking the stage after the show. The smile radiating across Lohan's face is just adorable. The photo was taken with a cell phone, so the quality is not that great.

Naturally, the music was managed by Samantha Ronson. After the show, there was an after party at the Aoyama club, Le Baron, where - naturally -Samantha also DJ'ed at as well.

DJ Samantha Ronson Le Baron
※DJ Samantha Ronson showing the room what she's got at Le Baron.

Samantha was hotter in real life than she'd ever seemed in fact, she's TOO HOT!!!

★For Tokyo Wrestling's report on Charlotte Ronson's Fashion Show, follow the link here!

★Charlotte Ronson's official site can be found at:

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2008 Oct 13

Hello, editor Asami here.
As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to follow up and let you know about goings-on when chief editor Yuki, Miwa Tosaki of Tokyo L Girls Snapshots and I headed to MOTEL#203 the other day.

Every Saturday evening Motel features women DJs of truly international caliber. Last week Peli was scheduled to perform so we ran out en force to cheer her on.

※Peli Dj'ing against the backdrop of Motel's chill interior design.


Peli's music stylings stand apart from most DJ fare, with tastes centering on 80's pop and New Wave. The atmosphere in the bar was comfortable and still fully charged by the zing of queer hits thrown into the mix. Even we couldn't help but get giddy with nostalgia inspired by songs from, you know, "back then..."

Motel is the newest venture by DCK, a leading force in Japan's lesbian scene for many years now. DCK treated us to conversation about things such as the queer scene in Japan. The bar is subdued and easy, perfect for conversation, and has great drinks.

Motel also keeps some lesbian resources out for customers, such as books and magazines introduced in TW's info section and articles, as well as the GISELe with TW's Hot List.

Anyone even just looking to catch up on their Japanese L culture reading ought to check it out!

※Peli, an avid reader of TW, looks ravishing.

Photos by Miwa Tosaki

MOTEL #203


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2008 Oct 12

Hello! This is your editor Asami.

Just the other day, the notorious fashionista shop, CANDY, hosted a party to herald the first exhibition of work by fancyHIM's own resident VJ, RE:RE:RE:mojojo!

※Party for RE:RE:RE:mojojo's 1st exhibition, held at CANDY

RE:RE:RE:mojojo is a young graphic artist now gaining attention from the world over. Just recently she was featured alongside Jeremy Scott, Amie Dicke, and Nobuyoshi Araki in Australia's Nothing Magazine, a web publication renowned for its unmatched eye for art and fashion.

※RE:RE:RE:mojojo's artwork

The exhibition brings to the walls of CANDY both past works and new creations - including a tremendous collage. CANDY will also be selling original t-shirts and other goods for the duration of the exhibition.

※T-shirts are the product of artistic collaboration between RE:RE:RE:mojojo and CANDY.

The party featured fantastic DJ delights, powered by fancyHIM's resident DJs Kaskay and addition to the latest DJs on the scene, FancyBoy Leo and Shizuku.

※ FancyBoy Leo and Shizuku

※The ever-cute fancyBoy Leo and Shizuku; To the right: RE:RE:RE:mojojo

The exhibition lasts through Thursday, November 27.


After this party, I headed out to Motel #203 with Miwa Tozaki, the photographic artist behind TW's Tokyo L Girls Snap, and chief editor Yuki - now back from Europe.
But I'll get to writing about that tomorrow!

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2008 Oct 07

※Lake Léman in Switzerland's Genève

Hello, chief editor Yuki here.

In my last post I wrote about Copenhagen in Denmark, but since then I made my way to the Switzerland's French speaking city of Genève, which is also home to a number of different queer establishments such as cafes, bars, and clubs. I'll be giving a more detailed report of what the city has to offer later, but first I'd like to tell you a bit about one event here in the notes section.

First, one must leave the international city of Genève for a 40 minute train ride to the similarly Francophone city of Lausanne. Compared to the somewhat bourgeois feeling that runs through Genève, Lausanne has more of an alternative, artistic vibe running through it and here you can find Le Romandie - a live concert house known well among local rockers.

※A poster from the queer party, Kill Your Idols, held on October 4th. Guests included Mosh Mosh, a Swiss-German unit.

Le Romandie is not specifically itself a queer event space, but for the last several years the sizzling hot queer rock party, Kill Your Idols, has been held there every other month. This event features queer rock and performances, and its remarkably even mix of lesbian, gay, queer and, straight people coming to attend has really set it apart. The types of music often heard are electro, techno, rock, and alternative.

Switzerland/Le Romandie/KILL YOUR IDOLS
※Kill Your Idols on October 4th; Again, a tremendous success, with the club filled to capacity.

The event is organized by the very cool, and dyke, Les Filles Affranchies (The Liberated Girls), interviewed last year by TW. Unfortunately, the group disbanded this year, but they made the decision to continue with the Kill Your Idols event.

★For the Les Filles Affranchies interview, follow the link here.

I'll be posting photographs from the event later, so be sure to check back!

★For Les Filles Affranchies, MOSH MOSH, and Le Romandie's official websites (French), see:

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2008 Oct 04

Melissa Etheridge Tammy Lynn Michaels
※America's transcendent rocker, Melissa Etheridge (left)
with her partner, actress Tammy Lynn Michaels.

Recently, in an interview with the TV entertainment magazine "Extra", the principled and vocal musical artist Melissa Etheridge spoke about plans she has with her long time partner, actress Tammy Lynn Michaels, for an official wedding ceremony.

Following the passage of the California Domestic Partner Rights and Responsibilities Act in 2003, the couple already tied the knot in a commitment ceremony but, owing to the sanctioning of same-sex marriage in California in May this year, the couple aims to now have their partnership fully recognized under the law.

Etheridge and Michaels have four children. In 2006, Michaels gave birth to twins conceived by the couple via sperm donor and Etheridge's two children from her previous relationship with Julie Cypher.

The date for the wedding has not been publicly released, but considering the possibility that the legalization of same-sex marriages may once again be overturned in November's election, many speculate that the couple will wed before then.

This announcement follows the recent wedding of comedian Ellen DeGeneres and actress Portia de Rossi, making it likely that Etheridge and Michaels will be the second celebrity lesbian couple to exchange nuptials. All of us at Tokyo Wrestling wish them the best in wedded bliss!

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