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2008 Nov 11

Hello, Yuki here.

As I'm sure you know, America's recent election results show that Barack Obama won the presidency with the overwhelming support of US voters! This is definitely cause for cheer. And yet, in other news, LGBT Americans have been dealt a blow by the passage of Proposition 8 (titled "Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry Act") in California. The ballot initiative was approved in the general election by a slim 4% majority and promises to amend the California constitution to include, "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."

Our memory of similar events that transpired in San Francisco a few years back is still fresh. It was only this past May that the California state Supreme Court overturned a ban on same-sex marriage. In just half a year this right to marry has been repealed, and discontent is being voiced in public demonstrations throughout the Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Silver Lake areas of LA. (Incidentally, same-sex couples who married while unions were legal will continue to have their rights as legally-wedded couples recognized.)

Tokyo Wrestling, with its close ties to the LA dyke scene, definitely feels the direct impact that this news has on us. In addition, we have been hearing much about developments from The L Word Leisha Hailey, OurChart editor Grace Moon, and other artists we have interviewed from the American dyke scene.

We will post a more detailed article soon, but for the time being, we wanted to offer to you a video taken in LA the other day by director Anna Margarita Albelo who also reported for us from the set of The L Word's Season 6.

The video below was taken at about 7pm on November 5th, when an estimated 10,000 people crowded the streets of West Hollywood for a non-violent protest.
In the days following the election as well, organized protests and marches have continued across the state of California.

※Protesting "No on 8" and "No on hate"

Also, a number of lesbian celebrities such as comedian Ellen DeGeneres and rock vocalist Melissa Etheridge, both recently wed, are openly expressing their consternation and regret at this development. One of my own personal favorites, DJ Samantha Ronson also made an open comment on the situation in her blog:

"【2 steps forward..... 2 steps back】

i guess people care more about farm animals than they do their fellow man. that's really sad to me.

yes, i am glad that the chickens will have more room and better conditions as they wait to die, but i just think it's frightening that people show more compassion for tomorrow's dinner than for the chef.

miss piggy and chicken little may rest easy, but gay people in florida and california can no longer get married and gay couples in arkansas can't adopt children. g-d forbid a loving family (regardless of sexual orientation) give a needy child a home!


In an upcoming article, TW will soon cover more on the situation of civil unions and same-sex marriages in Europe - where country after country has been legalizing systems to protect the rights of committed gay couples. The fact that, to date, the US has been a cultural leader within the global queer scene only accentuates further what a sorrowing loss the recent election has been.
However, I would like to convey here some words from Anna Albelo: "We have no intention of staying silent regarding this matter, we will continue to speak out and are more than ready to challenge discrimination. The future starts today!"

We couldn't have said it better.
Let's all cheer on our LGBT and queer friends in California and LA!

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