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Translated by faiyaque

Hello everybody, chief editor Yuki here!

It seems like everyone around the world is talking about the recent break-up of actress Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson. Well, just last week, Lohan appeared on the popular American program Ellen in her first televised interview since the much ballyhooed split for an up-close and personal talk with Ellen DeGeneres.

☆There are just a few points from the program that I thought I'd share☆

First of all, it seems that few would be in a better position to understand what Lohan is going through now than Ellen DeGeneres herself, since the openly gay comedian faced trouble of her own following a sensationalized public break up with Anne Heche in 2000. In the program Ellen honestly reflects on her own past experiences and Lohan embraces the sentiment by sharing her thoughts in what became a remarkably heart-felt conversation.

The fact that Lohan specifically chose to appear on this program--hosted by a well-loved and positively out lesbian star--suggests that she felt comfortable with the idea of confiding in DeGeneres. It's remarkable to think actually that here we have two larger-than-life female celebrities chatting openly about their past girlfriends on broadcast TV.

Also, we are given a glimpse into their "celesbian" lives when DeGeneres mentions early in the interview how she hasn't seen Lohan since Ronson deejayed at the joint birthday party DeGeneres had with her wife, Portia de Rossi.

As the interview begins Lohan confides, "Samantha and I are friends" and later adds, "I really care about Samantha. We'll see what happens maybe when we're both fully in the right place..." Towards the end, DeGeneres asks, "Do you think you would get back together at some point?", to which Lohan straightforwardly admits her feelings for Ronson with, "I don't know [but,] yes, I hope so" . However, she reminds DeGeneres that she is more focused on her work right now and says, "But I need to be sure I'm taking care of myself first and I'm set in what I need to do. I have to grow up....I've been working really hard on getting things done."

Lohan discredits the gossip circulating in magazines and shows that she's got a positive outlook on life ahead. Could a rekindling of the romance also be in store?!

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