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Translated by K.T.


Hello everybody, editor Yuki here!

Earlier this month I announced that Tokyo Wrestling is featuring queer artists and queer-related songs on our MySpace page. Well, we've just updated!


Well, to follow the music of the super queer electro duo Scream Club from the US, we now have an electro punk duo called Sexy Sushi from France. The brilliance behind the band comes from Reby Combat and Mitch Silver, who have been the focus of a whirlwind of attention in France and Europe for their punchy lyrics, dark wit, and electro punk music videos.

While Sexy Sushi is not a queer outfit per se, Reby -- who also belongs to girl band Mansfield.TYA (where she goes by the name Julia Lanoe) -- is a tough, dykey type who’s into bikes and boxing. And the band is an electro punk revelation, with politically provocative lyrics and hot, trashy live performances. Employing a healthy dose of parody -- a style of expression that the French practically invented -- their songs don’t shy away from political themes.

On Tokyo Wrestling's MySpace page you'll find Sexy Sushi's song "Sex Appeal" -- a tune we chose for its in-your-face girl-on-girl lyrics, which are a bit too explicit to describe in detail here, but I can give you a hint. The song is about a woman who's hot for a female cop and takes her home for a little love action. A parody of lesbian porn made for straight guys? Even so, you wouldn't want your parents to hear this (if they speak French, that is)!

Even if you don't understand the French lyrics, this is one cool tune, and the husky vocals don’t hurt either. Check it out, and then check out some of their other songs: nothing beats hot, French electro punk!! Personally, I also love a song of theirs that gives a serve to French politician Rachida Dati, known to many in France as "the female Sarkozy." How about you?

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Translated by faiyaque


Hello everybody, chief editor Yuki here!

The other day I received a very cool video through MySpace, something with a genderqueer feel, from the Parisian comedy duo "Patricia & Colette". Since I got their permission, I decided to share it with you!

Patricia & Colette
※The French comedy duo, Patricia (left) & Colette

In 2007, Patricia & Colette started their own indie company, Herself Production, which they use as a base for their original video and live performances. Already they've gained quite a following of impassioned fans throughout Europe and are recognized as underground rising artists. The truly DIY comedy duo produces, writes, directs, shoots, and edits all material on their own. Their performances include musical playback, sketch and improvisational comedy that mix gender stereotypes and popular cultural themes in a highly creative and entertaining style.

Here, we'd like to bring you Patricia & Colette's lip synch performance of a song by English soul singer Estelle, "American Boy feat. Kanye West". (The original music video can be found here.)

The blond and boyish-looking Patricia plays American rapper Kanye West while the feminine, brunette Colette plays Estelle. But the duo also pulls off playful, split-second switches in their roles to subtly poke fun at gender lines.

Aurélie, who channels the delectably boyish-looking Patricia, is a tough, feminist dyke active in the Parisian queer scene. She can be found regularly performing as a man under the nickname "Patrick" and is known for her provocative topless performances given at events from time to time. With her perfect ability to shift between the feminine and masculine looks, Aurélie’s androgyne charm reminds us of top model Agyness Deyn -- this girl is TOO HOT!!! 

A glimpse at the YouTube page for Patricia & Colette's "American Boy feat. Kanye West" reveals a string of comments from some very confused viewers, such as "Is the blond a guy or girl?", or "Seriously, he must be gay?" These things may be obvious to most queer folks, but we must say -- here we've got one handsome dyke!

This pop duo's sly parodies of gender stereotypes and other things have gained lots of attention since their original video performances were first made available on the web. Their work has also appeared on French cable channel, Canal +, and been featured at prestigious international film festivals such as the International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival of Paris and the International Women Film Festival. Patricia & Colette recently performed with artist Lazlo Pearlman at Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris, and the dynamic team's star is visibly still on the rise.

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Translated by faiyaque

Hello everybody, chief editor Yuki here!

Have you heard the news? Only just recently the gravure idol Ayaka Ichinose came out publicly as a lesbian!

Seeing as a growing number of American actresses and celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Cynthia Nixon (known for her role as Miranda on Sex and the City), and Kelly McGillis of "Top Gun" fame are going public with their sexuality and committed same-sex relationships, we all figured that Japan's turn would soon come. And apparently now it has!

I recently received an email from a TW reader letting me know that Ichinose had written about TokyoWrestling on her blog (in Japanese), so I thought I'd share here. I was excited to see that she had read my interview on NHK's LGBT website "Niji-Iro"!

【Translated excerpt from Ichinose's blog】

I first heard of TokyoWrestling’s chief editor Yuki Keiser when reading a column by her on NHK's "Niji-Iro" site. I really identified with what she said. I learned that, in her, I have a "sempai" -- someone like me -- who thinks in optimistic terms and stands for "providing information that is presented in an absolutely positive manner", which was very encouraging!

Thank you!! The points mentioned are things that I always remain conscious of when doing media work, since here in Japan LGBT information is often presented from a negative angle. It makes me very happy to hear that the positivity resonates with people.

In addition to Ichinose, we are seeing a growing number of forward-looking lesbians in Japan ("Honey & Honey" author Sachiko Takeuchi is another one that comes to mind) and so I'm inspired by the hope that our numbers will continue to grow! Here’s to warmly supporting and cheering each other on!

REAL BIAN/Ayaka Ichinose

★Ayaka Ichinose has also written "Real 'Bian", a manga based on her real-life experiences as a lesbian. Anyone interested should definitely check it out! It's wonderful to see such an inspiring "L" girl become a part of the LGBT movement in Japan!

★For my interview on the Niji-Iro website, follow the link here (Japanese).



Translated by faiyaque

Top Gun/Kelly McGillis

Hello everybody, chief editor Yuki here!

In the news, we now have Kelly McGillis, the American actress who played opposite Tom Cruise in the 1980s hit movie "Top Gun". Just a few days ago, McGillis, who also recently appeared on The L Word as the closeted Army Colonel Gillian Davis during Season 5, came out as a lesbian in an interview on the queer women's website,

Twice divorced and the mother of two teenage daughters, McGillis had long been subject to rumors questioning her sexuality. In the SheWired interview, vlogger Jennifer Corday asked the currently single star whether she was looking for love with a man or woman, to which McGillis responded, "definitely a woman. I'm done with the man thing. I did that and I need to move on in life. That's another part of being true to yourself."

McGillis, now 51, goes into greater depth by sharing how the path to accepting her own sexuality had not been an easy one. She describes coming out as "an ongoing process from the time I was probably 12" and a "long arduous trip for me". She specifically touches on the fact that several events in her life had led her to believe God was punishing her for being gay, a sentiment which she has at last been able to put behind her. She sums up, "life is a freaking journey, and it's about growing and changing, and coming to terms with who and what you are--and loving who and what you are."

Cheers for McGillis's inspirational courage and wishing her the best in lesbian love!

Top Gun
●Starring: Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer
●Director: Tony Scott
●Distribution: Paramount Home Entertainment



Translated by faiyaque

Marc Jacobs
※Marc Jacobs on the cover of "Interview", the magazine
founded by out gay artist Andy Warhol. Jacobs, who is
openly gay himself, is shown wearing a silver wig similar
to Warhol's own trademark hairpiece.

Hello everybody, TW writer Kondo here!

I'll be contributing to Tokyo Wrestling with the latest on queer news in music, movies, TV dramas, and more. However, I'll be looking beyond lesbian culture alone in order to catch topics that may otherwise go unnoticed, and lend insight on their links to queer culture. In this way, I aim to reveal the force of queer power in entertainment and culture, as well as its part in creating trends.

Right now I'd like to introduce a some news from the fashion world.

First of all, we have Marc Jacobs -- artistic director for Louis Vuitton and creator of the highly popular brand bearing his name.

As many surmised from Marc Jacobs' ad campaign proudly showing two men intimately kissing (which certainly stirred quite a commotion), the designer is perfectly open with his sexuality. Well, the fashion magazine WWD has reported that Marc Jacobs and his partner of one year, ad executive Lorenzo Martone, have just gotten engaged to be married!

The two were spotted heading off to Brazil wearing engagement rings. Officially, the visit to Martone's native Brazil was announced as a business trip to see the newly opened Marc Jacobs store in Sao Paolo, but word also has it that the couple will be spending time with Martone's close friends and family - to share the happy news.

Martone recently went on record suggesting that, "Maybe a New Year's Eve wedding in St. Barth's would be really fun." That said, we may still hear news of a wedding in an even nearer future. The union of a fashion designer and an ad executive is just about as power-charged as a power gay couple gets! We wish them the best!!

Profile: Hisako Kondo
Kondo is a writer who mainly covers music, movies, and foreign TV dramas for entertainment and culture publications. She not only writes reviews but also conducts artist interviews, including one recent interview with Maximo Park. Her work also involves writing press releases for the DVD industry, offering commentary on web sites, and contributing to subculture magazines.