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Marc Jacobs
※Marc Jacobs on the cover of "Interview", the magazine
founded by out gay artist Andy Warhol. Jacobs, who is
openly gay himself, is shown wearing a silver wig similar
to Warhol's own trademark hairpiece.

Hello everybody, TW writer Kondo here!

I'll be contributing to Tokyo Wrestling with the latest on queer news in music, movies, TV dramas, and more. However, I'll be looking beyond lesbian culture alone in order to catch topics that may otherwise go unnoticed, and lend insight on their links to queer culture. In this way, I aim to reveal the force of queer power in entertainment and culture, as well as its part in creating trends.

Right now I'd like to introduce a some news from the fashion world.

First of all, we have Marc Jacobs -- artistic director for Louis Vuitton and creator of the highly popular brand bearing his name.

As many surmised from Marc Jacobs' ad campaign proudly showing two men intimately kissing (which certainly stirred quite a commotion), the designer is perfectly open with his sexuality. Well, the fashion magazine WWD has reported that Marc Jacobs and his partner of one year, ad executive Lorenzo Martone, have just gotten engaged to be married!

The two were spotted heading off to Brazil wearing engagement rings. Officially, the visit to Martone's native Brazil was announced as a business trip to see the newly opened Marc Jacobs store in Sao Paolo, but word also has it that the couple will be spending time with Martone's close friends and family - to share the happy news.

Martone recently went on record suggesting that, "Maybe a New Year's Eve wedding in St. Barth's would be really fun." That said, we may still hear news of a wedding in an even nearer future. The union of a fashion designer and an ad executive is just about as power-charged as a power gay couple gets! We wish them the best!!

Profile: Hisako Kondo
Kondo is a writer who mainly covers music, movies, and foreign TV dramas for entertainment and culture publications. She not only writes reviews but also conducts artist interviews, including one recent interview with Maximo Park. Her work also involves writing press releases for the DVD industry, offering commentary on web sites, and contributing to subculture magazines.


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