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Translated by faiyaque
Hello everybody, TW buyer Asami here!

Fans of the fashion brand Xkiller will be blissed to know, Tokyo Wrestling has gotten together with designer Vanessa Craig to create a rockin' hot one-of-a-kind T-shirt of our own!

photo by Bernadith Najera

Xkiller’s sleek, punk look is born from the vibe of Silver Lake, a melting pot of skate, punk, and countless other alternative street cultures. Silver Lake is home to an eclectic mix of underground queer artists and a hot spot for Angelenos in the know. Just take a moment to recall the skate shop Shane styled at during Season 3 of The L Word, and you’ll get a good idea of how the area feels.

Compared to the quirky cool of Craig’s (similarly Silver Lake inspired) Sew-Gay line, Xkiller brandishes a darker, more underground sensibility - and goes straight for the jugular with style.

Tokyo Dykes Unite!

After falling madly in love with the Xkiller brand, Tokyo Wrestling’s chief editor headed to Los Angeles and tracked down Craig proposing a new collaboration. Always up for a challenge, Craig agreed and the two put their heads together coming up with the latest in queer girl fashion, “Tokyo Dykes Unite”!

One key point lay in the choice of a muscle shirt, so as to accentuate the tough in “tough girls”. On the front, in gorgeous metallic gold print, is the Xkiller twist on a LA-dyke fashion favorite - the skeleton. On the back is Craig’s own special message to Tokyo Wrestling ladies, “Tokyo Dykes Unite!”

Here, the ubiquitous stylist and DJ Peli whips the shirt around front to back, delivering a message no one will be quick to forget.

Tokyo Dykes Unite!
photo by baby MSR

This shirt is not available anywhere else - only here in Japan! A message from the heart for girls in the Japanese scene: "Tokyo Dykes Unite!"

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Translated by faiyaque
※The super cool flyer for Stardust Neon Disco

Hello everybody, TW editor Yuki here!

Peli and Leo, the super queer girl-guy duo who've styled and modeled on numerous occasions for Tokyo Wrestling's Online Shop have just announced that they will be taking on a collaborative project with the popular fashion brand, galaxxxy! The unveiling of their work will take place this Friday, July 31st at the Stardust Neon Disco party held at Shibuya's La Fabrique!

fancyHIM's famous fancyBoys and Peli will be deejaying, while the flyer gives a taste of Peli & Leo's explosively queer and wild fashion design. Anyone in the area really ought to check it out!

Also, Tokyo Wrestling will post a report on the event and the designs at a later date, so be sure to check back!

★VANITY x TNH x galaxxxy
2009 Autumn/Winter Collection Exhibition After Party!!!
Friday, July 31 23:30-5:00 @ La Fabrique Shibuya
3000 yen (includes 1 drink) or 2500 yen with flyer (includes 1 drink)

fancyBoys (fancyHIM)
VANITY + TNH crew!!!!

★For Leo's blog, follow the link here.



Translated by J
Ayaka Ichinose
※Out lesbian Ayaka Ichinose

Hello everyone, TW editor Yuki here!

We recently published our Japanese interview with gravure celebrity Ayaka Ichinose, who came out publicly earlier this year. (The English translation will be coming soon posted in seven parts right here!) We've received an overwhelmingly positive response from the article, which got more hits than usual, and a tremendous number of Japanese readers have written in to tell us how Ichinose's coming out has inspired and encouraged them! Sure enough, the popular and beloved Ichinose has captured the hearts of many a girl here in Japan.

When I interviewed Ichinose at a cafe in Shibuya in mid-May, I was immediately struck by her warm, bright nature and sense of humor. I also quickly learned that she's more than just a cute girl with a friendly smile. Ichinose is a woman who treats her work seriously and professionally, and beneath that sweet smile you can catch a glimmer of the "tough girl" inside. I was overjoyed to meet such a strong, adorable, and officially out Japanese lesbian, who now shares the company of only a few others, including out author of Honey & Honey, Sachiko Takeuchi.

I was impressed by her manager as well, a straight man (as far as I know!) who has given her his full support as she chose to come out professionally. Thanks to Ichinose, he seems quite knowledgeable about the lesbian community, and often nodded along thoughtfully as we discussed lesbian issues during the interview. He even demonstrated a certain degree of proficiency in using Japanese lesbian slang such as "bian". He was certainly more tuned into our community than the average straight man!

We caught up with Ichinose at the Tokyo Pride Festival on May 23, a few days after our interview, to take some photos. We were pleasantly surprised to see that she had decorated her bag with our very own Tokyo Wrestling badge pins!! She told us that the electric pink logo on our pins were the perfect match for her bag! THANKS!!!!

Tokyo Wrestling/Badge pin
※Tokyo Wrestling badge pins, the perfect accessory!
(For English info on the online shop, see here.)

We'll be keeping up with Ichinose's activity periodically so be sure to come back for updates!

★Ichinose's blog: http://blog/ichinoseayaka/ (Japanese only)

★You can catch Ichinose's manga "Real Bian" here (Japanese only).

★For more information on Ayaka Ichinose's latest gravure DVD, "SekuMai", follow the link here.

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Translated by faiyaque
director Yun Suh
※Director Yun Suh (left) and her partner Katie, guests at this year's Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, in front of the poster for Suh's documentary, "City of Borders".

Hello everybody, TW editor Yuki here.

"City of Borders" director Yun Suh was in town earlier this week for the July 12th showing of her new documentary at the Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. I met with her briefly for an interview and thought I'd introduce the documentary here for readers who haven't yet seen it.

The film's story unfolds in Jerusalem's only gay bar, founded by Sa'ar Netanel -- the sole gay member of Jerusalem's City Council -- and follows events in the lives of three gay men and a lesbian couple.

『分断の街で(原題:City of Boarders)』
※The "City of Borders" poster at the "Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Those of you who were not able to see the film on July 12th will be delighted to know that there is another showing on Sunday, July 19th at 11:45 am. This powerful documentary provides an illuminating look at life in the city of Jerusalem...Catch it now if you haven't seen it yet!!

★We will be posting an interview with and video message from the director shortly, so please stay tuned!

Title: City of Borders
Director: Yun Suh
2009; United States; 66 minutes

Showing on Sunday, July 19 at 11:24 at Spiral Hall.

★For more information, check out the official "City of Borders" website at:

★See the Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival official website is at:




Translated by faiyaque
Gay night 「the private party」

Hello everybody, TW writer Kondo here.

Just a quick note to clue you all in about a new gay mix party starting this month!

This one began way back in 1995 as a men-only event called The Private Party and was held at the old Liquid Room in Shinjuku until its end in 2001. However, at 11:30 pm on Sunday July 19th, the party will be making a stylish comeback under the new name G -- complete with a fresh, new look and a new location at the Liquid Room in Ebisu!

What's more, the world's largest city guide/travel information network and gay-friendly publishing company Time Out, based in London, is sponsoring the event along with the 2009 Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, which is proudly co-sponsored by Tokyo Wrestling.

Come join party people of all sexualities, nationalities, ages, and backgrounds -- and dance the night away!

●Sunday, July 19
●Liquid Loft, on the 2nd floor of the Liquid Room in Ebisu
●Doors open at 23:30
Entry: 2,500 yen (includes 1 drink); w/flyer - 2,000 yen (includes 1 drink)
●Liquid Loft:
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Translated by Chris

Hello everyone, contributing TW writer Kondo here!

The next film from the Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival I'd like to introduce is "Drool", a dark comedy starring Laura Harring -- who many of you may recognize from "Mulholland Drive", the 2001 film by "King of Cult" David Lynch.

This wild film tells the story of growing love and trust between two women who spontaneously hit the road after a freak accident brings them the chance to rebuild a shattered family and settle the past. In a never-before-seen adventure, "Drool" makes its own bold and bizarre contribution to the genre of Girls on the Road/Run as epitomized by the 1991 hit "Thelma & Louise".

"Drool" director and screenwriter Nancy Kissam says that she was inspired to make a movie in the tradition of prolific film director John Waters, known for his comedic productions filled with cutting dark humor, revenge and vitriol. But, at the end of the day, "Drool" is less lurid and far more profound. It won the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival's award for Best Fiction Feature and "the buzz" clearly indicates that its storytelling and excitement are second-to-none!

Title: Drool
Director: Nancy Kissam
2009; United States; 88 minutes

Showing on Friday, July 17 at 17:00 at Spiral Hall

★For more information, check out the official website for the Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival at:




Translated by K.T.
I Can't Even Think Straight

Hello everyone, contributing TW writer Kondo here.

I'll be writing with news on some of the films appearing at this year's Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

First we'll be looking at the film "I Can't Think Straight", which will be shown at the festival's finale. While the Japanese title "Straight ja Irarenai" (lit. "I can’t stay straight") gives a neat sense of drama, the original English has a humorous edge. As many of you may know, "I can't think straight" is a common expression used in English by people when they can't think clearly or get their thoughts in order. Naturally, this expression has taken on a double meaning in the queer community and is used in this title too as a well-intended pun.

The story itself develops around two young women. Tala, a London-based Jordanian of Palestinian origin, and Leyla, an ethnically Indian British Muslim. Although they're each from different cultural backgrounds, the two are attracted to each other instantly upon meeting. Together, as they tread the new ground that lies in-between their cultures and traditions, they explore the intimate meaning of cultural norms, love, and responsibility to family. This film is an exuberant romantic comedy filled with laughter, humor and, of course, the charm of two beautiful women.

The magic of this film is its ability to keep, at its core, questions that resonate as true to all of us living in this terrifically diverse world, no matter what sexuality we are or where we're from. "I Can't Think Straight" has already been shown at more than 40 film festivals around the world, including the Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival. The London Palestine Film Festival is also currently considering screening the film. This unconventional movie tells a powerful story in a voice capable of crossing cultures and national boundaries. Don’t miss its one-time-only screening on July 20th at Aoyama's Spiral Hall!

Title: I Can't Think Straight
Director: Shamim Sarif
2007; England; 80 minutes

Showing on Monday, July 20 at 19:30 at Spiral Hall

★For more information, check out the official website for the Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival at:

Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

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Translated by faiyaque


Today I just want to give you a heads up on the very cool Berlin-based electro punk artist, Mz Sunday Luv. This chick has captivated audiences across Europe with her stellar performances and won over fans from both mainstream and queer scenes alike. Drop by Tokyo Wrestling's MySpace page to hear her music now!

Not only has she rocked crowds at an event put on by Switzerland's notorious Les Filles Affranchies she has performed with the dyke duo Scream Club and has close ties to some of the most dynamic artists shaking up queer scenes across Europe. In one of a number of collaborations, she worked with out French photographer-director Emilie Jouvet to produce the music video for her song "Vicious."

Mz Sunday Luv has got a totally hot, tough-girl energy that sets her way ahead of the pack. I've been wanting to write a post about her for a while now, so I was super happy when she posted her video on our MySpace account. Watch it and enjoy!

Take a voyage through her stylish land of techno with this striking video!

★For Mz Sunday Luv's booking contact, click here.



Translated by faiyaque
Hi everybody, TW buyer Asami here!

Have you checked out any of our Xkiller items at the online shop?

Xkiller one shoulder

Well, feast your eyes on this! Here we have an elastic slim-fit one-shoulder tank-top emblazoned with "Xkiller" in shocking pink print. It’s just as simple as it is edgy - and perfect for the coming summer months.

★Buyer's tip★

Not many of us are accustomed to one-shoulder shirts, but X-Killer guarantees comfort with this cotton elastic stretch body, made for a perfect fit. Sexy with skinny pants or a mini-skirt, this shirt makes great party wear. Or how about giving the casual look a little oomph by adding this shocking pink flash of color to your ensemble? Or try going for a rock or electro look by offsetting with your favorite studded belt. This is for those of you who are tough, sexy, and cool!

Patricia Field/LEO

Our model, fancyBOY Leo, works the shirt in skinny pants and a slick hat.

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