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Translated by faiyaque

I was at the rocking Nichome bar, Motel #203, the other day when the owner, Chiga, gave me a very cool little queer gift in the form of an autographed Uh Huh Her tote bag!

Uh Huh Her tote bag
※A cute little design AND it's been signed by Leisha Hailey
and Camila Grey.

Tokyo Wrestling had the honor of penning the liner notes for the Japanese release of Uh Huh Her's debut album, “Common Reaction", earlier this year. Exactly one-half of this snazzy electro-pop duo is Leisha Hailey, the lesbian actress and rocker known around the world for her role as Alice in The L Word.

Leisha, known for being a bit of a fashionista herself, is currently dating the designer of the popular street brand FREE CITY and lists Marni and MiuMiu among her favorite brands. At a glance, it’s clear that her interest in fashion is behind Uh Huh Her’s stylish, adorable merchandise, which has already won the rock-solid approval of the band's fans in Japan. I’d been keeping an eye on the designs myself, so it was too perfect that Chiga gave me this bag she’d picked up in the US. Not to mention the fact that it's autographed--what an awesome treat! Thank you, Chiga!

If you haven’t already, take a look at Uh Huh Her’s merchandise. And if you’re in Tokyo, drop by Motel #203 to check out some pictures of the band!


MOTEL #203



Translated by A.T.

The summer sun is finally here, and who isn't already looking to beat the heat with some super cool summer tees! Well, I've got the word on a new, queer Sew Gay tee for you from the TW online shop!

Ever since it first arrived at the TW online shop, the pink-on-black "Titties 'n' Beer" tee has been a favorite, selling out repeatedly. Now we've brought in a new pink-on-white version of this sexy mother.

Titties'n'Beer white tee shirt

Titties'n'Beer white tee shirt

This fresh, white tee turns heads with a hellacious "Titties’n’Beer" written in shocking pink across its front. According to the designer, the "Titties and Beer" phrasing was nabbed from t-shirts usually found on macho American frat-boy types, which she then queer-ified in her Sew Gay line for an ironic twist. Put a woman in this shirt and you have a statement. Put a queer guy in this shirt and you have a statement squared!

Just to keep everyone clear, on the back printed proudly and plainly you have, “Thank God I 'm Queer!” Yeah. That says it all!

Titties'n'Beer peli tee shirts
DJ Peli flaunts "Titties 'n' Beer" in white.

★Buyer's tip★

Whether you go for a tight or a loose fit, something boyish or something with a feminine flair, this tee will work for you. It looks great against jeans on a casual day or coordinated with hot neon pants for an edgy, hard fashion feel.

Now sold out!
XS and S sizes of the blue "Lady Killer" polo by RIGGED OUT/fitters.
The blue polo was shown in Season 3 of The L Word , and only a few of the pink polos remain!

And imagine our surprise when we spotted this Rigged tee at the cutting-edge electro party fancyHIM just a short while back!

Lady Killer polo shirt blue

We'll be adding more hot summer tees to the TW website. Keep your eyes peeled!

★For product details on the white "Titties’n’Beer" tee, follow the link here (Japanese).
★For product details on the pink "Lady Killer" tee, follow the link here (Japanese).

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Translated by faiyaque
Denmark Outgames

Last year I had gone to Copenhagen, where I interviewed volunteers with this year’s World Outgames. (Japanese article here; English article to be posted soon!) Well, just a couple weeks ago, on August 2nd, the games came to their official end, so I just wanted to post a bit here about what went on at the event.

As many of you may have already heard, unfortunately there were two disruptive and homophobic incidents at this year’s games.

On Friday, July 24th, three Outgames attendees making their way to an opening event were attacked by two men and on Tuesday, July 28th an American athlete was taken to the hospital after suffering injuries to his hand caused by an explosive device thrown into Østerbro Stadium.
Fortunately, attendees injured in each of the above attacks sustained only minor injuries and the persons responsible have all been arrested.

The event was continued as planned and concluded with much celebration on August 2nd. Outgames director Uffe Elbaek did however release a statement specifically addressing the violent incidents: "This is another example of what homosexuals face in the world when they are unprotected. This also shows why an event like the Outgames is absolutely necessary."

News of a violent shooting at gay and lesbian center in Tel Aviv has also shocked the world. On the night of August 1st, a man wearing a ski mask entered the LGBT community center filled with youth and opened fire, killing two people and wounding 15.

Just as Elbaek said, it is clear that today we still live in an era where sexual minorities throughout the world are ruthlessly killed and assaulted, and LGBT activism is desperately needed now just as much as ever.

At Tokyo Wrestling we will keep reporting on lesbian culture of all over the world, and hope to contribute in our own way to the eradication of homophobia and more understanding of issues faced here in Japan and around the world!



Translated by faiyaque
※fancyBoys Leo (left) & SZK DJing at Stardust Neon
Disco on July 31st at La Fabrique in Shibuya.

Just last week Yuki announced the premiere of a new design collaboration between popular fashion label galaxxxy and TW’s own top Online Shop models, Leo and DJ/stylist Peli, at the Stardust Neon Disco party at La Fabrique.

TW was there to catch all the fun...Here’s a peek for those of you who couldn’t make it!


※Leo (left) and Peli welcomed guests wearing
tank tops of their own design.


Leo’s super cool, hyper-gay tank top,
featuring a police officer’s cap hovering above
a well-whiskered mouth with the word “BOYS”
emblazoned in between.


Adopting an ivy and seashell motif, Peli’s tank top
seems to borrow from the erotica of ancient mythology.
According to the artist, the design is meant to be provocative...
as all you dykes out there have surely already figured out!

The tanks are not yet available for sale, but we’ll let you know once the release date is set!

★To check out Leo’s blog, follow the link here.



Translated by K.M.
Tom Ford

※Designer Tom Ford on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine--in a photo taken by out lesbian photographer Annie Leibovitz, perhaps best known for her 1991 nude portrait of a pregnant Demi Moore for the cover of Vanity Fair. This beautifully arranged portrait ironically portrays the openly gay Tom Ford as a seductive (straight) playboy.

In an earlier post I talked about the queer links in the new film by Tom Ford. Now, as promised, I'll fill you in on the film itself, and the man behind it.

Ford, often referred to as one of the sexiest gay men alive, is best known for his 15 years as Gucci's top designer. More recently, he was applauded for the suits he designed to sharpen up the image of legendary spy James Bond, played by Daniel Craig in the latest 007 flick "Quantum of Solace" (2008).

And now, he's not just designing costumes for films, he's directing them too.

Ford joined Gucci in 1990 as the chief designer of women's wear before quickly being moved up to the position of creative designer of the company in 1994. During Ford's time at Gucci, company profits grew tenfold and the formidable designer became one of the brand's key figures. Ford left Gucci after a buyout by Pinault Printemps Redoute and started his own Tom Ford label.

However, although he ultimately achieved tremendous success as a fashion designer, his recent foray into the film business probably stems from his student days, when, while studying architecture in New York City, he harbored dreams of being in front of the camera. Appearing in several television commercials, he is reported to have been deeply inspired by art, fashion, and music at this time, not surprising perhaps, considering he was familiar face at both Studio 54 and Andy Warhol's Factory.

Ford's directorial debut, "A Single Man," shot in Los Angeles and currently in post-production, will be released later this year by his own newly established film production company, Fade to Black. Judging from the man's previous creative successes, it's hard to imagine that the film will be anything less than phenomenal. Ford co-wrote the screenplay together with David Scearce, based on a Christopher Isherwood novel of the same name. The story centers on a gay professor from England who tries to rebuild his life in Los Angeles after suddenly losing his partner in an accident.

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Translated by K.M.

Tom Ford
※Out fashion guru Tom Ford spent 10 years as Gucci's top designer.

Hello everyone, TW writer Kondo here!

In a few days I'll be posting about Tom Ford's new movie and directorial debut "A Single Man" but, before I do, I thought I'd share a little background on stylists and actors from the film.

First of all, in charge of costume design was Arianne Phillips. Phillips' styling power can be seen in the cult queer film "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", the Hollywood hit "Walk the Line" (which won her an Oscar nomination in 2005 for Best Costume Design), and the jacket for the debut album by Leisha Hailey's band, Uh Huh Her. Arianne Phillips is not only an incredible stylist, but a stylist who wields strong ties to queer culture. Icing on the cake, indeed.

Colin Firth stars in Tom Ford's film as a British college professor. Many folks will remember Firth from "Another Country", the 1984 movie which practically spurned a gay boom in England in the 1980's along with the 1987 hit "Maurice". Originally a theater production, “Another Country” was based on the true story of a gay spy and for its 1984 film adaptation, out gay actor Rupert Everett was selected to take the starring role while Firth, who had played lead on stage, played the lead's best friend.

"A Single Man" also stars Matthew Goode, cast as the professor’s younger partner. Lesbians everywhere are sure to recognize Goode as the man dumped by Piper Perabo in the hit British film “Imagine Me & You”. In fact, Goode himself is not lacking for ties to queer culture. He appeared opposite Ben Whishaw in the film “Brideshead Revisited”, Kinky Boots director Julian Jarrold's retelling of a famously gay-themed romantic period piece.

I could go on and on with an endless list of the queer elements found in "A Single Man", but I'll stop here. Casting outdid itself in finding actors that possess excellent chemistry with queer directors and films. This also gives us a good indication of just how committed Tom Ford is to this release. I can’t wait until it hits the theaters in Japan!

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