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Translated by faiyaque
Titties 'n' Beer/V neck

There's been a new addition to Tokyo Wrestling's Online Shop! Check out the latest from dyke fashion brand Sew Gay: the V-neck version of the hit Titties 'n' Beer tee!!

Now, if you're thinking that you've seen it somewhere before, you're right. Out lesbian model Ayaka Ichinose was sporting the top in photographs for our last post and, in fact, she'll be wearing it in her upcoming DVD, "Sekumai"! (A video interview with Ayaka Ichinose talking about her latest DVD will be posted to TW in coming weeks.)

Ayaka Ichinose
※Ayaka Ichinose looks stunning in casual wear from dyke fashion brand
Sew Gay. This extra long, deep V-neck tee with "Titties’n’Beer"
printed in shocking pink across the hip is a stylish, perfect fit!

Titties 'n' Beer/V-neck

The weather may be getting cooler, but there's still plenty of time left to wear your tees!! And the eye-catching neon print packs a punch, making this the perfect top for parties and club events!

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Translated by faiyaque
Ayaka Ichinose
※Out model and actress Ayaka Ichinose on set.

Tokyo Wrestling just visited out model and actress Ayaka Ichinose on set, where we caught her filming her newest gravure production.

Ayaka has taken the helm to script and develop her latest project all on her own. Needless to say, her personal touch has given the video a fresh, lesbian edge that female audiences will love for sure!

In fact, queer girls will surely notice the dyke fashion she's sporting. When we visited her at the studio, she was kicking back in a Titties ‘N’ Beer V-neck tee and a pair of FEMME girl’s briefs--both items currently available at the Tokyo Wrestling Online Shop!

Ayaka Ichinose
※Ichinose rocking the SEW-GAY look with a eye-catching Sew Gay Titties 'n Beer tee.

This queer tee is a perfect fit for Ayaka!! Love it!

Ayaka Ichinose
※In another photo shoot, Ayaka sports FEMME girls' briefs from Rigged OUT/fitters--the chic, dyke fashion brand seen on The L Word. Incidentally, these briefs are one of our most popular items at the Online Shop!

Later this year, closer to the DVD release date, TW will be posting a new interview with Ayaka...complete with photos.

Incidentally, her newest DVD will be chock-full of queer content--with clips shot in Shinjuku Nichome. You're not gonna want to miss it!!

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★Ayaka Ichinose’s Official Blog (Japanese):

※The latest Sew Gay Titties ‘n’ Beer V-neck T-shirt, worn by Ayaka above, is available here at the TW Online Shop. A variation on this style is already available here in black or white. Also, don’t forget to check out the RIGGED OUT/fitters’ Femme girls' briefs here!



Translated by faiyaque

To keep up with tremendous demand, we just recently ordered additional Xkiller hand-printed V-neck tees for the Online Shop...and, lo and behold, the shipment's come in!!

Xkiller/hand-printed v-neck tshirt

Xkiller's distinctive rough-cut logo and pistol design is printed by hand onto touchably soft, high quality fabric--creating a T-shirt that looks and feels good no matter how you wear it.

Xkiller/hand-printed v-neck tshirt/Leo

September is still an excellent season for tees...Grab this opportunity before it's gone!

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Translated by faiyaque

Uruguay, one of Latin America’s more progressive countries, formally passed federal legislation legalizing same-sex adoption last week.

While the country as a whole is predominantly Catholic, Uruguayan legislators approved a bill allowing gay and lesbian couples to legally adopt children, making Uruguay the first country in Latin America to do so.

Senator Margarita Percovich, who sponsored the bill, stated that, "Whether the couple is gay or not should not be a matter of consideration...What matters is if the family is able to educate and stimulate the child to grow as a fulfilled human being."

Seeing that Latin America is home to roughly 50,000,000 followers of the Catholic faith and LGBTs living in the region do face their fair share of difficulties, this latest legislation is clearly monumental. Furthermore, while systems formally recognizing same-sex partnerships are being instituted in a rapidly growing number of countries worldwide, few countries formally allow gay couples to become adoptive parents. Only in 2001 did Belgium become the first country in Europe to legalize adoption by gay parents.

After federal legalization of same-sex unions in 2008 and recent Senate approval of a bill allowing citizens ages 12 and over to legally change their registered gender and name, even without guardian consent, Uruguay is increasingly setting itself apart from its more conservative neighbors with remarkably gay-friendly legal structures.



Translated by faiyaque

Prolific American actress, comedian and media personality Whoopi Goldberg, known for her roles in such Hollywood hits as "Ghost" (1990) and "Sister Act" (1992), has just released a video statement in support of Gay Pride celebrants in Budapest, Hungary.

Goldberg made her stunning Hollywood debut in the film "The Color Purple" (1985), based on the novel of the same title by openly bisexual African-American author, Alice Walker.

Budapest's Gay Pride event will be turning fourteen this year, but over past couple years it has been troubled by violence as anti-gay groups increasingly target the event for attacks. Goldberg, who has traveled and filmed in Hungary, directly expressed her concern for the safety of marchers and urged people to halt the violence. It is rumored that this message was recorded at the studio of "The View", the American network TV program where Goldberg currently is moderator and co-host.

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Translated by K.T.

The United States' first openly lesbian African-American mayor, E. Denise Simmons (elected to office in Massachusetts, the first state to legalize same-sex marriage, in January 2008) made history once again when she married her long-time partner, Mattie B. Hayes, in a ceremony last weekend!

In a powerful statement released to the press prior to her wedding, which took place at St Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church in Cambridge, Mayor Simmons shared, “I believe this may be the very first African-American church to hold a same-gender wedding, and that’s something that just wouldn’t have happened years ago. But times are changing, people are becoming more accepting of their fellow citizens, and we are slowly arriving at more of a ‘live-and-let-live’ kind of world...[A]ll the kind words I’ve received about this ceremony suggest we’re living in a friendlier, more open society. Our society is definitely making progress."

Seen alongside all the tremendously uplifting queer news and events we've seen in recent months and years, Simmons' reassuring words and actions are a reminder of what we already know--that society is heading in a new, promising direction. We hope to see Japan quickly catching up with this kind of change in the world!

Our heartfelt wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness to Denise and Mattie!

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Translated by Kumiko
※Introducing the electro-punk duo Schwefelgelb from Germany!

While we certainly enjoyed our time with Mz. Sunday Luv, right now at Tokyo Wrestling’s MySpace page you’ll find the hot, incredible beats of German electro-punk duo, Schwefelgelb!

Just this past weekend Schwefelgelb played at Japan’s biggest techno rave event, WIRE09, at the Yokohama Arena. They also played in France last May as the opening act for the well-known trashy electro-punk duo, Sexy Sushi. Schwefelgelb is Eddy and Sid, two friends since childhood who've taken their band name from the German for "yellow sulfur".

Eddy is a professional designer and does all the graphic design for the band. In an interview he explained, “Visual design is an essential element to music for us”. What can we say?! We LOVE their fabulously queer eye for considering everything a part of their music--from looks and fashion to performance and art!

What’s more, “Asexual Cyborg”, a very mysterious dance duo in full-body tights, joins them on stage for some of their European performances--always resulting in a delectably unique show that drives audiences wild.

※A poster for a queer noise event featuring Schwefelgelb.

With the spotlight turned squarely in their direction, Schwefelgelb have become the darlings of the queer scene in Europe. They’re often found performing at queer punk events such as the Queer Wave Party and Queer Noise...and the crowds keep coming back for more. No one can get enough of Schwefelgelb’s finely-tuned, and divinely German, electro sound topped as it is by eccentric performances that can only be described as trashy, queer electro-punk.

Their latest album, Alt and Neu (“Old and New”) is just as its title suggests: an exquisite mix of 1980s new wave and punk with modern, progressive sound. Referred to as “DAF’s bastard child” by music media sources, Schwefelgelb stop listeners in their tracks with their trademark brilliant sound.

※Poster of an underground queer punk event featuring Schwefelgelb.

Incidentally, songs by DAF (Deutche Amerikanische Freundschaft), a band often rumored to be gay, became a staple in gay discotheques in Germany in the eighties owing to the queer evocative nature underlying their videos and lyrics.

Going back to Schwefelgelb, this new German electro duo is an ultra cool band on the rise. Try checking out Tokyo Wrestling’s MySpace page for a quick listen!

※A flyer for the Queer Wave party featuring Schwefelgelb.

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