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Titties 'n' Beer/V neck

There's been a new addition to Tokyo Wrestling's Online Shop! Check out the latest from dyke fashion brand Sew Gay: the V-neck version of the hit Titties 'n' Beer tee!!

Now, if you're thinking that you've seen it somewhere before, you're right. Out lesbian model Ayaka Ichinose was sporting the top in photographs for our last post and, in fact, she'll be wearing it in her upcoming DVD, "Sekumai"! (A video interview with Ayaka Ichinose talking about her latest DVD will be posted to TW in coming weeks.)

Ayaka Ichinose
※Ayaka Ichinose looks stunning in casual wear from dyke fashion brand
Sew Gay. This extra long, deep V-neck tee with "Titties’n’Beer"
printed in shocking pink across the hip is a stylish, perfect fit!

Titties 'n' Beer/V-neck

The weather may be getting cooler, but there's still plenty of time left to wear your tees!! And the eye-catching neon print packs a punch, making this the perfect top for parties and club events!

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