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Translated by faiyaque
J.P. Hol
※The work of Dutch artist J.P. Hol is currently on exhibition at Gallery éf, with additional works on display in the cafe on the first floor of the same building (above). The playful pastels of Hol's work and the cafe's warm wooden interior combine to create a nostalgic European feel--a great place to linger and have a cup of tea after the show.

Today we report on out Dutch artist J.P. Hol’s exhibition “Gay Squirrel and the Tail/Tale of the Cat on the Moon”, currently on here in Tokyo. I thought I'd share my impressions of both the gallery and the exhibition before I post TW's interview with the artist later on.

The exhibition is being held at Gallery éf, a former wholesale lumber storehouse transformed by artists into an art space in 1868. The current show makes use of both floors of the building, which is registered as a national cultural property, with an installation on the first floor and a film on the second. To reach the gallery, visitors must walk through a cafe that shares the same building and is also lavishly decorated with Hol's works, starting with the adorably crafted gay squirrels at the entrance, beckoning guests to enter and begin a journey into the fairytale land of Hol’s imaginings.

The first thing that you notice after removing your shoes and stepping into the gallery is the captivating power of Hol's other-worldly animal creations set against the tranquility of the space's rich wooden interior. Venture to the second floor, where Japanese and English versions of a film by the artist are screened alternately, and you'll discover a room transformed into a whole other world by Hol's expressive powers: it makes you realize what clichés like “time itself had been suspended” are actually trying to express.

J.P. Hol
※Different character items, handkerchiefs, and picture postcards are on display in the showcases.

J.P. Hol
※I couldn’t resist making a purchase: to the left is the DVD of the film, which, inspired by Hol's own experiences, tells the story of a gay squirrel. The adorable cover is handmade, and Hol's passion for his work really shines through. To the right is a 3D postcard showing the film's main characters, the squirrel and the tailless cat. Move the card and the two come together for a romantic!

The exhibition at Gallery éf in Asakusa will run through Sunday, November 8, so check it out. Would be a great way to spend a date!

★We will be posting an interview with J.P. Hol at a later date. Keep checking back!

J.P. Hol: “Gay Squirrel and the Tail/Tale of the Cat on the Moon”

★In Tokyo at Gallery éf
●2-19-18 Kaminari-mon, Taito-ku, Tokyo; Tel: 03-3841-0442
●Friday, October 16 to Sunday, November 8
●12 to 9 pm every day except Tuesdays (until 7 pm on the last day)|Entry: Free
●Opening reception: Thursday, October 15 from 7 to 9 pm
●Gallery homepage:

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Translated by Chris
Marc Jacobs ad

It has just recently come to the world's attention that a 2006 advertisement produced by renowned power gay and Tokyo Wrestling’s own favorite fashion designer, Marc Jacobs, was flatly rejected by Men’s Vogue.

Photographer Juergen Teller, who spent over a decade working closely with Marc Jacobs on his advertising campaigns, recently spoke to the fashion blog of the New York Times for an interview just prior to the release of his new book, "Marc Jacobs Advertising 1998-2009". In the interview, he revealed that in 2006, Men’s Vogue refused to publish an advertisement in which a gay couple are shown kissing.

The couple appearing in the picture were make-up artist Dick Page and his husband, James Gibbs. Dick Page has long worked with Marc Jacobs and is known to be part of the Marc Family. Teller says he was surprised that Men’s Vogue refused to publish the photograph ad.

"I like the idea of having a gay couple in a men’s ad because it makes sense. And I wanted the ads to be like they are--very romantic, tender, and sweet. I certainly didn’t want to have anything provocative, not at all."

It's great to see Marc Jacobs and his family lead the fashion industry, among others, while always keeping a keenly sharpened queer perspective. TW salutes their gay-conscious attitude!

★Marc Jacobs' official website: