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translated by faiyaque
Tac's knot
※The Shinjuku Sanchome bar Tac's Knot when we visited last week. Our bartender for the evening was Yasuki Saito, of our favorite Japanese gay blog, Campy!

The other day the Tokyo Wrestling team went to check out Tac's Knot, a snug and well-established gay hangout located in Shinjuku's Sanchome. Opened in 1982 and run by writer and artist Takashi Otsuka, Tac's Knot has been attracting gay and lesbian patrons for over 25 years.

The TW team headed over on a Tuesday so we could also catch up with Campy! editor Yasuki Saito on his weekly shift at the bar. Some readers may remember Yasuki from the "Feel L Culture" event in August 2008, when this charming writer and drag performer facilitated a panel discussion which included Honey & Honey (Media Factory) author Sachiko Takeuchi.

As anyone who has read the Campy! site will know, Yasuki is a witty and sharp conversationalist who draws from a deep well of queer humor and warmth. Chatting with him was a pleasure, and all folks looking to spend some time having fun, or just chilling out, in a great, cozy space should go check out Tac's Knot for themselves.

And we were in luck! That same evening Saseko, Campy!'s very own leading drag queen, made an appearance at the bar. I've been a great fan of hers since seeing her videos on the Campy! site so I was thrilled to actually meet her in person. As a matter of fact, while we were talking Saseko told me that she's actually quite popular with lesbian women...and has many lesbian friends as well (not always easy since the queer scene in Japan tends to be gender segregated).

Incidentally, Saseko always appears in Campy! videos in full drag--with make-up and everything--but she (that is, he) came to the bar that night au naturel ! I was surprised to find that she wasn't at all the "slightly icky dude" I imagined her to be (Sorry Saseko!), but rather a young and somewhat-androgynous hottie whose easy-going and friendly nature explains her popularity with lesbians.

Unlike in many other countries around the world, there are few spaces in Japan where gay men and women can mix. For that reason, and so much more, Tac’s Knot is a great spot for all the queer girls and boys to drop by. It's definitely worth checking out!

tac's knot
※Yasuki Saito gave us a Campy! Girls towel, originally made available at the October Campy! Nomikai Vol. 5 event, and now a rare find. In the middle is Saseko, along with her signature, and to her left is Bourbonne (AKA Yasuki Saito) who also appeared in Yo Hitoto's music video for "Unto Shiawase"!

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