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Patrick Wolf
※Singer-songwriter Partick Wolf

TW editor Yuki Keiser went to interview out bisexual UK artist Patrick Wolf, whose latest album, The Bachelor, has just hit stores in Japan.

A fashion mastermind who crafts his own wardrobe, Wolf also admits to knowing how to make an entrance--by always greeting the press in different carefully-selected costumes. When Tokyo Wrestling caught up with him, he was gorgeously dressed in the same stylish 80s look he had worn for his concert at the British Anthems Live Shows 2009.

Not only does Patrick possess a charming smile and handsome good looks, but we were instantly caught by the spell of his friendly and open manner. Time just seemed to fly by as we chatted with this artist of unmatched talent and easy-going personality.
In our interview, Patrick shares stories of his current relationship with his boyfriend and so much more. He also has a special video message for TW readers. We’ll be posting later in the Articles section, so don’t miss it!

The Bachelor/Patrick Wolf/パトリック・ウルフ

●Artist Patrick Wolf
●Album: The Bachelor
●2,490 yen (Incl. tax)
●Label: Bloody Chamber Music / Bandstocks / Hostess


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