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Peri DJ'ing at Motel


Hello, editor Asami here.
As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to follow up and let you know about goings-on when chief editor Yuki, Miwa Tosaki of Tokyo L Girls Snap and I headed to MOTEL#203 the other day.

Every Saturday evening Motel features women DJs of truly international caliber. Last week Peri was scheduled to perform so we ran out en force to cheer her on.

※Peri Dj'ing against the backdrop of Motel's chill interior design.


Peri's music stylings stand apart from most DJ fare, with tastes centering on 80's pop and New Wave. The atmosphere in the bar was comfortable and still fully charged by the zing of queer hits thrown into the mix. Even we couldn't help but get giddy with nostalgia inspired by songs from, you know,"back then..."

Motel is the newest venture by Don Chigalliano, a leading force in Japan's lesbian scene for many years now. Chigalliano treated us to conversation about things such as the queer scene in Japan. The bar is subdued and easy, perfect for conversation, and has great drinks.

Motel also keeps some lesbian resources out for customers, such as books and magazines introduced in TW's info section and articles, as well as the GISELe with TW's Hot List.

Anyone even just looking to catch up on their Japanese L culture reading ought to check it out!

※Peri, an avid reader of TW, looking ravishing.

Photos by Miwa Tosaki

MOTEL #203